Blessed Sacrament Faith Formation


Components of the Faith Formation Process


Faith Community

We provide opportunities to experience belonging, to enjoy fellowship with those who share the same faith, to pray together, to come to know the word of God, to worship and celebrate together. In other words, to experience church membership.


Faith Formation

We provide learning experiences for you to come to know and experience the Love of God.  Catechetical focus is on God as Creator and Life-giver, on Jesus, as Savior and Friend and the Presence of the Spirit as Teacher Friend and the Presence of the Spirit as Teacher and Guide. Central to faith formation is prayer and scripture.


Catholic Tradition

We provide and teach, in partnership with the family, a curriculum that focuses on what it means to be a Christian in the Catholic Tradition with particular emphasis on the sacramental and Liturgical life of the church. This component includes the teaching of Christian Values and the importance of making the right moral choices.


Our Mission to Serve

To be baptized into the life, death and resurrection of Jesus means to live a way of life that is focused on love, compassion, justice and peace. Our formation process provides opportunities for service, to look beyond ourselves, to reach out to those in need within and beyond the community.