Adult Faith Formation

Adult Outreach

Our group believes in a ‘hands on’ approach to helping family, friends and neighbors in our community.  Whether it involves a rake, hammer, paintbrush, greeting cards or food pantry items, we are open to any and all opportunities to help.

Meets monthly every 4th Thursday @ 7:00p.

Please contact Annette Clark 835-8825


Afternoon Bible Break – A bi-weekly bible study to refresh the soul

Are you looking to grow in your faith?  Have you considered scripture study?  Come join us, after Labor Day, as we study

Revelation: God’s Gift of Hope – Loyola Press “Six weeks with the Bible” series

This study provides a helpful Catholic interpretation of perhaps the most mysterious book in the Scriptures.  Through this study, we will see the book of Revelation with new eyes and grasp hold of its intended, hope-filled message.  through insightful, small group discussions and shared prayer.      

Whether you’ve been studying the bible for years or just beginning, come grow with us Every other Wednesday, 12:30p-2p, Sept. 5, Sept. 19, Oct. 3, Oct. 17, Oct. 31, Nov.14, in room 110 in the Parish Center.

Stop and register at the parish office and purchase a book.  $8.00


More information please contact Carman Gray 832-4164  or  Kathy Doering 839-9273

Alternative Gift Fairbrought to you by the Social Justice Committee.

Sunday November 4, 2018 from 9:00a – 1:00p


A fun way to bypass the annual stress of holiday shopping and accumulation of “stuff”, while honoring friends and relatives by purchasing gifts or making donations that support causes that fit their values.  The Gift Fair provides critical support for a diverse collection of organizations whose work has local, national and international reach.  Non-profit organizations will be at the event, representing causes that appeal to all interests and providing a great opportunity to learn about the work of the participating organizations and the challenges they face.

So think outside the gift wrapped box for your holiday shopping.

Honor the special people in your life with gifts that give hope and improve the lives of others

Awakening Prayer Meets every Thursday Evening

7:00p – 7:30p in the Church


An Invitation to evangelize through “AWAKENING FAITH” prayer for the spirit of the church!


¨15 minutes of silent prayer

¨Time for personal intentions

¨Close with Our Father


care   (Catholic Adult Religious Experience)


The CARE team meets the 2nd Thursday evening of the month from September through May at the Blessed Sacrament Parish Center.  For more information, contact the Parish Office at (989) 835-6777

CARE is a wonderful community of faith at Blessed Sacrament for adults with disabilities. The CARE team

welcomes individuals with all needs and leads them toward a deeper awareness of GOD’s presence and love in their lives.  CARE members also experience opportunities to participate in church ministries if they wish. 


The CARE team first began under the guidance of the SPRED organization of the Chicago Diocese. As our team grew, we adapted our program

to reflect the Blessed Sacrament Faith Formation.  With the blessing of our diocese and parish, we’ve SPRED our wings as we continue to CARE for the world around us.

Join CARE!

We are always looking for others to join us in this ministry! Team members can develop rewarding relationships and often discover that their own faith experiences are enhanced and nurtured. All that you need is a desire to share your faith and love with others

Divorce RecoveryCoping with Divorce . . .There is no need to go through it alone.

An eight-week Divorce Recovery Process for men and women of the Midland Area.

Any adult experiencing pain from divorce is welcome.


 Many have found help, hope and healing by attending these sessions.  Not only is survival possible, but there is a unique opportunity for personal growth.


Orientation Begins September 11, 2018

·         Grief & Stress

·         Rediscovering & Trusting Self

·         Dealing With Your Ex-Spouse

·         Divorce: The Family Impact/Single Parenting

·         Accepting Change in Relating to Others

·         Understanding Forgiveness

·         God & Church

All session start at 7pm

No fee to participate

Workshop Presenters

All of our group discussion leaders and presenters have all experienced divorce, and lead with warmth and understanding.               

Registration Information: Blessed Sacrament Parish, 3109 Swede Ave., Midland, MI 48642 · 989-835-6777 ·

Evening Bible Studyuses Catholic Scripture Study International

Meets every Tuesday evening from September 11, 2018 – May 21, 2019 in the Parish Center.

Studies a Book of the Bible Using the outline by Catholic Scripture Study International we will slowly look at and delve into the heart of this gospel, with an emphasis on what the Catholic Church teaches and why.  It is a friendly, open atmosphere where questions are encouraged and studying the guidebook ahead of time - while nice - is not at all a requirement. Drop in's are welcome and this is for anyone who is interested in the word of God.


NOTE:   Cost - free to attend. If you want a guide book for the class, it is $45. However, while it may help

 with each week’s lesson, it is not required. They will be ordered before class starts and can be purchased at the first class on Sept. 12th.

Please contact: Larry Skoczylas   Cell: 989-859-8317   or   

Jamie Poliskey   Home: 989-832-9052

Via email:  Larry Skoczylas  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or   Jamie Poliskey   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Evening of Contemplative Prayerhosted by Cathy Richard


Come and join us and experience the benefits of meditation each month as we gather to learn about meditation and practice this ancient Christian art of waiting on the Lord and listening to God.  This series will offer meditations with the themes that use either scripture, prayers, art, music, symbols, or readings that will help us focus and still our minds.  We will have an introduction, 30 minutes of silence, and then time for sharing.  Each session is about 1 ½ hours.  If you like to sit on the floor, please bring a floor pillow for comfortable meditating.  Your ideas for meditation themes would be very welcome!

Third Tuesday of every month, September – January at 7:30p in the Parish Center.      

Call the Parish Center for more information at 835.6777, no registration required.

Franciscan Reflections - Discussing the daily meditation from the Center for Action and Contemplation

by Fr. Richard Rohr, Franciscan Priest.

Academic Dean of the Living School                                                

for Action and Contemplation

In the daily meditations, available online, Fr. Rohr explores the contemplative foundations of Christianity.  Drawing from Scripture, the mystics, and church history, the readings help us understand our church as it has grown and evolved through the centuries.  The question for us is always “how can we turn information into transformation?”  How can we use the sacred texts, tradition, and experience to lead people into new places with God, with life, with themselves?

The readings encourage the transformation of human consciousness through contemplation, and equipping people to be instruments of peaceful change in the world.” Fr. Richard Rohr is founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation.

Meet first Thursday of every month.  Join us every month at 6:30p in the Lounge.  Sign up for emails at

Or email Elaine Warakomski at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or call Patty Szukhent, Adult Formation Office  835.6777

Grief Recovery                        

Midland Area Catholic Church’s (MACC) are working together to offer Grief Recovery to the Catholic Parishes in Midland.  A trained facilitator will lead all the sessions, but there will be opportunity for reflection and sharing by the participants.  All are welcome who have experienced a loss more than three months from the beginning of a recovery series.          


Blessed Sacrament will be offering a fall 2018 6-week session




Handling Grief Through the HolidaysThursday, December 6th, 2018 from 7:00p – 8:30p.


 Little Rock Scripture Study

Will be Studying the Book of the Psalms, a 2-part study, Psalm I & II.

Psalm I is a unique collection of the song-prayers of Israel. To study Psalms is to study prayer, ultimately to enter into prayer. The study will challenge participants to reflect on their own prayer and life experiences. Psalms I focuses on a selection of twenty-eight psalms divided into three categories: (1) Psalms of Descriptive Praise, (2) Psalms of Trust or Confidence, (3) Wisdom Psalms.   “Psalms of descriptive praise, also known as

hymns, praise God for his ongoing, regular care of the world and humanity. Psalms of trust or confidence reinforce the belief that the God who made and loves us will protect us in difficult situations. Wisdom psalms are an acknowledgment of God's justice in the right ordering of human affairs.


Psalms II focuses on a selection of twenty-eight psalms divided into three categories: (1) Royal Psalms, (2) Psalms of Lament, (3) Psalms of Declarative Praise.  The royal psalms reflect the belief in ancient Israel that the king was “anointed” by God (i.e. a messiah) to be “the instrument of God's concern for the people” (from the commentary, p. 79). Psalms of lament express the sorrow of the soul in distress and of the individual's and the community's need to turn to God in order to be healed or rescued. Psalms of declarative praise are prayers of thanksgiving that praise God for rescue or healing from dire situations.


Meets every Wednesday morning from 9:30a – 11:00a, in the Lounge in the Parish Center.

Books will be available for purchase at the parish office.  $25.00 per/set of 3 books


Marriage Enrichment – Mark your calendar!   Friday evening - November 9, 2018   or   February 8, 2019

Married? Don’t Miss This!

The Midland Area Catholic Community is excited to sponsor: Our Marriage, Our Mission. Whether you are married a few months or many years, you will laugh, learn, grow and be blessed by this four-part enrichment series! So save these date nights toshare some quality time with your beloved!  The Friday evening presentations will be held on November 2ndand 9th and February 8th and 15th, from 6:30-8:30pm. Come to one or all four. Bring friends and meet new ones! Each evening will include refreshments and a time for fellowship.  There is no cost to the evenings.  

The presenters for this series, Joe and Cinda DeVet, (Michiganders who reside in Houston) recently celebrated their 50th anniversary of marriage and have spent countless hours in marriage ministry. Their love of each other, of God, and of the Catholic faith shines through their honest, humorous sharing of experience and thoughtful application of the Church’s teachings.

Please mark your calendars and look for more information in the coming weeks.

Questions? Contact Anne House (989-859-8525) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Watch the bulletin for more information


Men’s Christ Renews 

Weekend of March 9th & 10thCome and renew your soul!         


Watch the bulletin for more information.


Men’s Morning of Reflection

Fall and Spring events providing topics for men to experience great opportunities of spiritual reflection.  Saturday’s from 8:30a – Noon with a lunch included (donations appreciated).  Located at the Parish Center.


Midland Area Inter-Faith Friends

A group formed through caring and concerned individuals from the “Little Rock Bible Study”.  They are inspired to affect positive change through Unity, Support, Compassion and Willingness to make a difference in this world as we face so many issues and problems. 

Midland Area Inter-Faith Friends is currently part of a non-profit organization “Foster Closets of Michigan”. 

Gathers every other month. Please contact Deb Ballard:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Social Justice Committee– is committed to the awareness and action of Catholic Social Teaching.


Catholic Social Teaching revolves around 7 key words; Person; Each person is a “child of God,” and has a dignity they can never lose.  People are always more important than things.  Social; Human beings are made to connect with other people.  One of the most basic connections if family.  There is a wider connection called “society,” in which all have a right and responsibility to participate.  Rights and Responsibilities; Every person has a right to life – which includes food, shelter, health care, education and employment – and every person has a responsibility to support these rights for others.   Poor; The poor have a special claim because they are not sharing I the goods that God intended for all people.  A basic measure of everything we do is:  How will this affect or involve the poor?  Work; Work is not a “necessary evil” but a participation in God’s “work” in creating and sustaining the cosmos.  The worker is to be respected and has a right to a wage adequate to support a family.  Solidarity; We belong to one human family and are our sisters’ and brothers’ keepers wherever they live.  Creation; The story of creation says that God looked at everything and saw that it was good.  All creation belongs to God and we must be good stewards of what God has made.   by Bishop Kenneth Untener

 The Social Justice Committee brought to the Blessed Sacrament community:

·“Alternative Gift Fair” gift opportunities for Christmas,

· “Storied Streets” on homelessness

· “Introduction to Islam” loving our neighbor

·  “Conflict Resolution” peaceful dialogue

Come and join us; the first Thursday of the month here at the Parish Center.

For more information, please call the parish office at 835.6777


TAP  (Midland Theology and Prayer Group) –Every Tuesday at 9:00p in the Chapel

As iron sharpens iron, so man sharpens man.  Study and prayer are two essential elements to a healthy, robust, and powerful spiritual life.  The men of the Midland area deserve time each week where they can learn, pray, teach, and be fed by the Gospel.  The Midland Theology and Prayer (TAP) men’s group was developed to serve the men of the area by challenging their spiritual development and nurturing a deep understanding of the faith.  Strong Catholic men meet for a brief session of Lectio Divina.  This type of prayer opens your heart to the whispers of the Lord, and show you how the holy words of the Bible are challenging you to be the best version of yourself.  All men are welcome, and there is no preparation required.  Just come and be fed by the words of the Lord.


Please Contact Clinton Whiteley at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Women’s Christ Renews

Weekend of May 4th & 5th

Come and renew your soul! 

Watch the bulletin for more information.


Women’s Retreat Day

Saturday October 20th, 8:00a – 2:30p – Parish Center

join Sr. Janet Schaeffler, OP, of the Adrian Dominicans Weber Center

Watch the bulletin for more information.