Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)


All children who have not yet received their sacraments are invited to Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) at the 11:00 Mass. After the Introductory Rites, Father will ask the children to come forward for a blessing. Children are brought to the CLOW space (in the back of the church next to the Bride’s Room) by the catechists. There they receive the Word using age-appropriate materials. Children will rejoin the congregation at the Offertory.


The goal of CLOW is for the children to “graduate” from CLOW into Mass with the regular assembly with an understanding of the Gospel of the day and with an understanding of why we do certain things at Mass.


CLOW Dates*


Sunday, September 10                                  Sunday, March 18

Sunday, September 17                                  Sunday, March 25

Sunday, September 24                                    Sunday, April 22

Sunday, October 1                                           Sunday, April 29

Sunday, October 22                                            Sunday, May 6

Sunday, November 5                                         Sunday, May 13

Sunday, November 12                                                                 

Sunday, November 19                                                                 

Sunday, December 3                               *At the 11:00am Mass

Sunday, December 10                                                                 

Sunday, December 17                                                                 

Sunday, January 14                                                                    

Sunday, January 21                                                                    

Sunday, February 4                                                                    

Sunday, February 25                                                                  

Sunday, March 4                                                                        

Sunday, March 11