We offer:

  • Three year old class on Tuesday and Thursday, half or full day.
  • Four and Five year old class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, half or full day.
  • Four and Five year old class Monday thru Friday, half or full day.
  • Early Enrichment is offered before class begins, allowing you to drop off your child for an extended learning opportunity (available on a full time basis for a nominal fee).

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Additional benefits that make Blessed Sacrament Preschool unique:

  • High adult to student ratio.  Teacher and paraprofessional daily if numbers warrant
  • NO MONTHLY MEETINGS to attend for parents
  • Curbside pick-up
  • Classes are held in one large room, providing you the opportunity to be with your child during class if you choose to help in the classroom
  • Maintenance of the facility and grounds is not the responsibility of the parents

 Goals and Philosophy

-Provide an enriching experience for children and parents within the Christian community of Blessed Sacrament Parish.

-Provide a developmentally appropriate classroom to enrich educational experiences for preschool children.

-Develop a positive self-esteem in each child, encouraging independence and responsibility.

-Maintain a curriculum that meets a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development level.

-Allow children to experience a variety of activities in a creative environment, including use of computers.

-Help children to understand cooperation and encourage positive peer interaction.

-Promote self-discipline with each child, using positive methods of discipline which fosters self-control and self-respect.

-Provide a safe, clean and well-equipped classroom that is licensed by MFIA and staffed by a loving and qualified state-licensed teacher and aide.

 Parent Testimonials

“Blessed Sacrament Preschool has always been a home-away-from-home for our family.  We know that our children will be taught in a nurturing environment that allows for them to excel in what they already know and continue to grasp and learn what they do not know yet.  We are confident that they are respected as individuals and cared for as children of God.  Each day we drop off and pick up our children will be an experience that will last a lifetime and help mold them into the people God intends for them to be.  We are truly blessed to have had all 4 of our children here at Blessed Sacrament Preschool”.

 — Paul and Katrina Berg, parents

"We are grateful for the amazing education our three children have had and are currently receiving at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School. Our older children are doing above average at public middle school. The faith based, family environment that Blessed Sacrament Catholic School continues to provide our children with, is the best foundation we could ask for!"

-Mike and Tracey Beck, parents





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