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Blessed Sacrament Parish offers parishioners as well as others the opportunity to make contributions or donations to our parish through our online giving page.  We have had for some time a limited way for online giving.  With our updated page parishioners will have the opportunity to be in more control of their giving.  Our webpage is linked to the same company we are currently using to manage all of our electronic giving.  This will make this opportunity easy to transition for those of you who already have an electronic account set up.  For those who wish to make a one-time donation the process is also very easy.


Current Electronic Givers

If you are already a parishioner who has been using electronic giving, please contact the parish office and speak with Pat Lautner.  I can help your transition to the new online giving page.  The first step is updating your e-mail address that you will be using with us, your current account can be linked to the new online account without having you “re-enter” all your current information.  You will still need to create a new profile on the online giving page with the e-mail address you give to us.  When you do create this profile, it will be linked with your current account and your information will already be entered.

If you have updated your e-mail with us you can proceed to the Donation Page by clicking on the “Donate” button on this page.  Once on the Donation page, go to the “Create Your Online Profile” and click on the “Create Profile” button.  DO NOT GO TO THE “LOG IN” BOX UNTIL YOU HAVE CREATED YOUR PROFILE.  Once in the Create Profile, you will be asked to enter and confirm your e-mail.  Please enter the e-mail address you provided us.  Once this is entered you will be sent a temporary password to that e-mail address.  After you have received this password, you may re-enter the Donation Page and “Log In” with your e-mail and temporary password.  You will be linked to your current account.  You must follow these steps to link with your current account.

 Online Giving


Memorial Donation or One-Time Donation

Online Giving

If you wish to make a Memorial Donation on behalf of someone or simply wish to make a One-Time Donation click the “DONATE” button and you will be taken to our secure online giving page.  Once there, if you wish to make a “memorial donation” you can look under the heading of “Regular Contributions” and you will find the line marked “Memorial”.   Simply fill in the amount you wish to give.  Next, go the “frequency” tab and choose the “one time” option.  In “Start Date” tab, enter the date you wish to have the contribution taken from your account.


If you wish to make a One-Time Donation, you can choose any of the accounts from the accounts provided if you wish to make a donation to a specific area.  You may choose the “General” account if you wish to make a donation to the parish without any designation but to be used where needed.


After you have completed this, proceed to the bottom of the page you may enter the name of the person or family in whose memory you are making this donation, as well as the person or family to whom you would like an acknowledgement sent.


Once this is completed, click on the continue button at the very bottom of the page.  This will take you to the information page where you will enter your personal and account information.  Once this information is complete please review to make sure all the information is correct.  Then click on the “process” button and your donation will be completed.  An acknowledgement page will appear and you may print this for your records.



Setting Up An Account (for recurring donations)           

Online Giving

If you wish to set up an account please click on the “DONATE” button and this will take you to the secure online giving page.  Once there, you will see at the top right side a place to “Log In” (once an account has been established) and just below there is a box to “Create Your Online Profile”.  Please click on “Create Profile”.  You will be taken to a page where you will enter the information needed to create an account.  Once you have created your account, you are ready to manage your online giving for Blessed Sacrament Parish.  Congratulations!



Setting up Recurring Donations 

Online Giving

After setting up your personal account, Log In to the online giving page.  Once there, you can set up your donations to the parish with the amount you wish to donate, the frequency of your donation and the method of your payment.

The Regular Contributions Section provides for Sunday Contributions, the Food Pantry, and Memorial donations.  Next to each of these accounts, you can choose the “Amount” you wish to give, the “Frequency”, and the “Start Date” for this fund.

The Special Contributions Section provides the accounts for the Special Collections that are taken up throughout the church year.  As in the previous section, you may choose to donate to these “special collections” if you wish.  Under each of these accounts, the month in which these collections are taken is provided.  Again, you choose the amount, frequency and date for each of these collections.

Once you have completed setting up each of the accounts, click on the “continue” button at the bottom of the page.  This will take you to the next page where you will be asked to enter your personal and account information.  Once this is completed, click on the continue button.  Your account is now set up.

You may make changes to your account at any time as you now control your online giving to Blessed Sacrament Parish.