Podcast Episode 2: Discipleship

Lyn Pajk and Kristyn Russell sit down to discuss discipleship in depth. What traits does a disciple possess? What are some struggles to being a disciple? Thanks for walking the journey of discipleship with us!

Show Notes:

Episode 2: Discipleship


  1. What is discipleship?
    1. Encounter not a program
      1. We need to encounter God through Jesus
    2. Incarnation → why is it so important? Because Jesus makes God concrete, we as people we can relate easier to a person
      1. We need to be disciples of Jesus the teacher who teaches us about who God is and how we relate to God.
  2. Traits of / Stumbling Blocks of being a disciple
    1. Let’s look at the disciples of Jesus
      1. Mary– what makes Mary a disciple of Jesus?
        1. Her openness to God’s plan/will and her openness to learning from Jesus as he grows, from the manager to the temple to the cross to glory.
        2. For us, sometimes letting go of control and being open like Mary is a stumbling block
    2. Apostles– they left behind nets/ tax collecting to take a new path and they had to let go of the things they knew
      1. For some people letting go of those things were hard and they walked away sad — like the rich young man → it was hard for him to part with his possessions and he walked away disheartened
    3. Woman at the well– Jesus didn’t just call her once, he had a relationship with her. He talked to her. He was in Samaritan territory yet he went to the well at noon in the heat of the day and talked to this woman.
      1. Being a disciple takes us out of our comfort zones, sometimes we have to talk to people we wouldn’t normally talk to and sometimes it is physically uncomfortable.
  3. We have to cooperate with the grace of God
    1. We have to take on the teaching of the teacher
    2. We know what the mission is and how to practically live that out. Jesus told us, there’s no guessing.
  4. There’s a responsibility to being a disciple.
    1. Our gifts are just for us
    2. We can’t hide our light under a basket– Jesus says, “let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to God in heaven.”
  5. Can you be a disciple without a community?
    1. Unpopular opinion: no, you can’t be a disciple without a community
    2. We are called individually but we are not called to live individually, even the earliest hermits understood that they were still part of the community and welcomed people to teach them the ways of prayer and discipleship.
  6. How is the Blessed Sacrament Community living out the call of discipleship?
    1. Open Door
    2. Adult Outreach team
    3. Y2Y

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