Episode 4: Preparing for Lent

Lyn Pajk and Kristyn Russell discuss preparing for and understanding Lent, including some practical ways you can have a meaningful Lent.

  1. Welcome
    1. Introduce Kristyn & Lyn
    2. Been on hiatus because snow days
    3. Lent is coming up.
  2. Lent is the most demanding liturgical season.
  3. Pope Francis’ Lent 2019 Message:
    1. Reminds us that the journey to the Paschal Triduum is a journey of preparation. We prepare our hearts and minds to conform to Christ and to receive God’s gift of mercy.
    2. One thing I find interesting about Pope Francis’ message is that as we live as children of God, we are invited to participate in the redemption of creation. He says: “We benefit creation by cooperating in its redemption.”
    3. The Paschal Mystery is about harmony– it is through the Paschal Mystery that we are brought into harmony with God.
    4. That harmony is threaten on the daily by the power of sin and death.
    5. When we are out of harmony with God we are out of harmony with ourselves, with others, and all of creation.
    6. “Once God’s law, the law of love, is forsaken, then the law of the strong over the weak takes over.”
    7. The reality of our world is that we are all longing for redemption, we are all longing for harmony.
    8. Yet, there are so many stumbling blocks that keep up from this harmony. Lent is our opportunity to identify these stumbling blocks in our own lives. “Lent is a sacramental sign of this conversion. It invites Christians to embody the paschal mystery more deeply and concretely in their personal, family and social lives, above all by fasting, prayer, and almsgiving.”
  4. Fasting
  5. Prayer
  6. Almsgiving
  7. Wrap up
    1. Pope Francis quote: Fasting, that is, learning to change our attitude towards others and all of creation, turning away from the temptation to “devour” everything to satisfy our voracity and being ready to suffer for love, which can fill the emptiness of our hearts. Prayer, which teaches us to abandon idolatry and the self-sufficiency of our ego, and to acknowledge our need of the Lord and his mercy. Almsgiving, whereby we escape from the insanity of hoarding everything for ourselves in the illusory belief that we can secure a future that does not belong to us. And thus to rediscover the joy of God’s plan for creation and for each of us, which is to love him, our brothers and sisters, and the entire world, and to find in this love our true happiness.

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