Episode 6: Holy Week

Kristyn Russell and Fr. Kevin Maksym sit down to talk about Holy Week, and what we experience during the week of the Lord’s passion, death, and resurrection.

Podcast Notes:

    1. Introduction:
      1. Kristyn & Fr. Kevin
      2. We are approaching Holy Week, so we thought it would be appropriate to talk about what to expect and hopefully allow you to enter more deeply into the mystery of Holy Week.
      3. This is the week that we remember the events of the final days of Jesus’ earthly life, and we begin on Palm Sunday.
    2. Palm Sunday
      1. We’re currently gearing up for Palm Sunday and this is quite the entryway into Holy Week.
      2. We enter into Holy Week in the same way that Jesus enters into Jerusalem.


  • What are some of the special things that we see at Palm Sunday?
  • Fr. Kevin to answer


      1. The procession that we walk in is a very Ignatian act of entering into the scriptures. As we process this weekend, put yourself in the shoes of someone who was there.
      2. We have the advantage/disadvantage of knowing the whole story. We know how the week ends, so despite the harshness of Good Friday, we know that Sunday is only days away. On the flipside, the disadvantage of knowing how the story ends is that we might skim the middle portions of the story. We’re all in for the beginning and end, but the middle is overlooked.
    1. Entering into the Triduum.


  • Why is it a Triduum aside from the fact that it’s three days?


        1. Fr. Kevin to answer?
      1. I think it’s important to remind people that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday really are one celebration
    1. Holy Thursday
      1. I love Holy Thursday. From the feet washing to the Eucharist it is one of the most powerful days evenings in the Triduum.
      2. In this liturgy we remember the Last Supper and Jesus’ gift of himself in the Eucharist.
      3. We also see the foot washing ritual– which reminds us that we are called to serve. Service is the call of Jesus’ followers. I think back a couple of years ago when Pope Francis went to a prison to wash the feet of the prisoners, so of whom were women, some of whom were non-Christians it is a great reminder of who we are called to serve.


  • Fr. Kevin what are the things that you look forward to at Holy Thursday?


      1. After Mass on Holy Thursday, the Eucharist is reposed and we have the opportunity to sit in the presence of the Lord. To be with him. To place ourselves in the garden with him.


  • The final opportunity is night prayer. Fr. Kevin what’s so special about night prayer?


    1. Good Friday
      1. And so we leave Holy Thursday and face Good Friday. I think Good Friday is the hardest of all days. As a society we want to avoid suffering at all costs, and on Good Friday we come face to face with the suffering that done on our behalf.


  • Fr. Kevin can you unpack some of things we do at Good Friday liturgy?
  • Laying prostrate
  • Veneration of the Cross
  • Why is this liturgy not a Mass?


      1. There’s a certain presence in the air on Good Friday. There’s a feeling of the ominous as you walk into church, the feeling that something terrible is going to happen. But there’s also this feeling of the numinous. The feeling that something holy, something mysterious is happening. I imagine that the world woke up to this same feeling however many years ago when Jesus the Teacher, Friend, the Christ, Savior, Messiah, Redeemer, King, was crucified for sins he didn’t commit, and overcame sin and death so that we might live. Those feelings of the ominous and of the numinous are appropriate on Good Friday. Those feelings you feel when hearing and participating in the reading of the passion of Christ are appropriate because they point to something else.
    1. Holy Saturday
      1. These feeling of uncertainty and darkness are appropriate because the Christ has been killed. He’s dead. Imagine what his disciples must have felt as they waited … for what? He said he would rise in three days, but would he really?  
      2. The Easter Vigil captures that feeling of waiting and that transition into realization.


  • Fr. Kevin– what’s your favorite part of the Easter Vigil?
  • The theological depth of the Easter Vigil is vast, but if there is one thing that you want people to know about the Easter Vigil– what would it be?


      1. These feelings that we feel during the Triduum: the silence, the numinous, the ominous, the waiting, the suffering, the darkness– they point us to something greater: a Love that overcame death some that we might have eternal life.
    1. Easter Sunday
      1. And with that we can rejoice on Easter Sunday. He is risen. What he said was true. He died and rose on the third day.


  • The implications of Easter are huge! Fr. Kevin why are we an Easter people?


      1. It’s a like a new year celebration– we get to try our hand at this discipleship thing again and anew.


  • Reminder of our baptisms


  1. Conclusion
    1. Thank you for joining us on this Holy Week podcast. We hope that you found it helpful and that it will deepen your walk during Holy Week.

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