Blanket Making 11/13/2019 Recap

Our Constitution says the purpose of Ladies of Blessed Sacrament (LBS) is to unite the women of Blessed Sacrament for common goals – Spiritual, Social and Charitable. We hit all three goals yesterday since we prayed just a little, socialized a lot, and made 50 blankets for those who have less than we do. It was a great way for all of us to feel a connection with others.

The day went smoothly thanks to the advance work of Anne and her team. We completed 50 lovely blankets between 9 and 3. I originally thought we were the Henry Ford assembly line but in his model the work moves and the workers stay in one spot so forget Henry. The blankets stayed where they were laid out but the workers moved from blanket to blanket. All I did all day was move from table to table tying. That worked for me. Others may have laid out the blankets and cut in addition to tying.

We had plenty to eat & drink. The pizzas were a great idea. Thanks to Tana or whoever decided on that and thanks to the person who picked up the pizzas. Maybe add on a note to this message how many pizzas were ordered so we have a record for next year. It seemed like the perfect amount.

Thank you, Linda, for making all the heart patches.

Thanks to Chuck for sharpening scissors.

Thanks to Tana, Eilleen, and others for welcoming new volunteers & making all volunteers feel accepted.

Thanks to Judy for being the spirit who kept us going. You were missed!

Most of all, thanks to Anne for chairing this event.


Dear Blessed Sacrament Parish Community,

Our church will be open for public Masses beginning the weekend of May 30/31, the feast of Pentecost. We are still in the midst of a pandemic, so Mass will look and feel different than the last time we gathered in March. Click here for the Mass guidelines Blessed Sacrament.