Second Grade Updates

Second grade had a great 100’s Day!  We all know the importance of exercise to keep our bodies strong.  So, we decided to do 10 repetitions of 10 different exercises to build body strength.  We also had a “Live” word find.  The students were able to go around the school with their papers and clipboards to search out 100 words.  Finally, we are working on 100 Act of Kindness.

The second grade has been studying frogs.  We have integrated Science and our Reading story “Frogs,” an expository nonfiction story.  We have completed in-class diagrams, comparing differences of frogs and toads,  and have had Mr. B. come in and share his information and pet toad, “Mr. Lumpy.”

WE LOVE READER’S THEATER!!!  The second grade enjoys plays and being able to bring stories to life.  The story the students acted out was “The Magic Snowman.”  All students took part to recreate this wonderful story.  Thank you Mrs. Pasek and Mrs. York!!!

Dear Blessed Sacrament Parish Community,

Although we are not able to gather together physically this weekend for Mass, we hope that you will join us in prayer as we open the Word together. Fr. Rob suggests using the Liturgy of the Word as an introduction to your meal. Break open the Word, and then break bread together like the earliest Christians.

You can find it under the Sunday Homilies, as well as on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Mrs. Dauenhauer will also be providing Children’s Liturgy of the Word! You can find those videos here.

As long as we cannot gather, we will provide these weekly Liturgy of the Word services.