Knights of Columbus (Take-Out) Soup Servings

For the last 15 years our parishioners have enjoyed the gathering together in the winter months for a hot soup supper after a Saturday evening Mass once a month. Our Mass comes alive with the joy of the Eucharist, then the Eucharistic celebration would continue in the Social Hall with our soup supper. We all deeply miss the gathering together.

During the pandemic things have somewhat changed.  The Knights still enjoy making their specialty soups.  Now we have our soups available after Masses in single serving cups. A menu is presented, people make their selection, and take soup home with them. For the past two months this has worked out very well and parishioners still enjoy the soups, but at home. We are very thankful to all those who continue to support the Knight’s charities with their donations. We are especially able to help our seminarians on their journey to the priesthood.

Again, we thank all who support us, and plan to continue with our (Take-Out) Soup Servings in the coming months.  November 21st will be the next event after the 4:00 p.m. Mass on Saturday.  Soups will be available after the Sunday Masses also.  Planning ahead, we will also host another on December 12th.


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