Parish Survey Results

Thank you for participating in the Disciple Maker Index Survey!

The Disciple Maker Index (DMI) is a survey tool, created by Catholic Leadership Institute, that allows parishioners to reflect on their spiritual growth and discipleship, provide input to the Bishop, pastors, and parish leadership to make decisions on ways to support that growth in the future, and to create a sense of opportunities for the improvement of parish life. Our parish participated in the survey earlier this year and, as promised, we’d like to share the outcomes. Overall, with some exceptions, we generally compare favorably with the responses from other parishes in the Diocese as well as with national averages. The summary can be accessed here.

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For a PDF file click here: Blessed Sacrament Survey Charts

Next Steps

Be sure to watch the bulletin, Flocknote, and website for upcoming programs that we’ll be introducing in response to the survey.

Based on survey results, here are a few programs to look forward to:

  • My parish teaches me how to share my personal witness story about my faith with family and friends
    • Journaling Workshop (October)
    • Visual Faith Project & Sharing our Stories (November)
    • Genesis Mission (February).
  • My parish teaches me how to share the story of Jesus with family and friends
    • The Chosen pt. 1 (September), The Chosen pt, 2 (January)
    • The Search (September)
    • The Bible Timeline (November)
    • Salvation History through Story and Song (March)

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