Laidback Book Club

Our next Laidback Book Club
begins May 8.

The Lord is My Shepherd: Healing Wisdom of the 23rd Psalm

By: Harold S. Kushner

With the lingering effects of the pandemic, the war raging in Ukraine, the stress of living in a nation riddled with divisions, and our own personal struggles, we could probably all benefit from the comfort of this book that encourages us to live with faith and courage.

Grab a book, electronic copy, or listen along. If you would like to join our Facebook group that would be great, but not necessary. Contact Lyn Pajk or visit the parish website for more information about how to join the group. We will have a final discussion in person or via zoom in June.


“Rabbi Harold Kushner has found that the simple, beautiful verses of perhaps the most memorable and cherished chapter of the Bible—full of honesty and optimism—have an almost magical power to comfort and calm—and to change your life. The psalm does not pretend that life is ever easy, but it offers a masterful guide to living in the world with faith and courage. Drawing on over forty years of his own thinking, on other biblical scholars, and on history, Kushner gracefully demonstrates how this sustaining work can help us cope with every aspect of life, from mundane jealousies to the death of a loved one to unimaginable tragedies of global proportions.”