Joint Pastoral and Finance Council Meeting Minutes | June 1, 2022 6:30pm

Blessed Sacrament Parish

Joint Pastoral and Finance Council Meeting Minutes

June 1, 2022 6:30pm


Attendees: Annette Clark, Dick Dolinski, Mike Erickson, Pam Gandy,

Fr. Rob Howe, Jim Mahoney, Lyn Pajk, Andy Pasztor, Jeff Paulus, Patrick Regier, Cathy Richard, Kristyn Russell, Barb Warczinsky

Excused: Joe Dostal, Kathy Fothergill, Judy Gross, Dan Kozakiewicz, Jim Marinek, Kevin Spencer



  • Barb Warczinsky moved and Jim Mahoney seconded the approval of the Pastoral Council’s minutes of the meeting of May 5, 2022. The motion carried.


  • Church west entrance is being renovated. The appearance will be similar with the use of staining to match the current concrete.

Synod 2021-23 Results—Parish Summary: Kristyn Russell

  • Kristyn Russel presented a summary of the results of the multiple Synod sessions. Her summary regarding parish-related input is attached
  • What we do well
    • Parish Community—strong community, hospitable, open to change
    • Liturgy—homilies, music, liturgical ministers, CARE participants
    • Faith Formation—many opportunities for formation, programs, youth opportunities
    • Administration—staff, communications, impact on families
  • Where we can improve
    • Parish Community—outreach, welcoming, opportunities for youth service
    • Liturgy—music, community coming together
    • Faith Formation—interactions with other churches, parish mission
    • Administration—transparency, staff visibility, newcomer weekends, listening sessions, marketing what we do well
  • Goals for Moving Forward
    • Parish Community—family-oriented service opportunities, yearly listening sessions, state of parish address, welcome back weekends
    • Faith Formation—small faith groups, MACC opportunities, recruit catechists
    • Liturgy—greetings before Mass, expanded liturgical participation, expanded music offerings, recruit music ministers
    • Administration—staff at coffee & donuts for discussion, post minutes of Pastoral and Finance Councils, build awareness of Christian Service Funding
  • The principal subjects regarding the global church were focused on women’s role in the church, increased diversity and inclusiveness, and the availability of Eucharist for all
  • A full report of Blessed Sacrament’s Synod results has been forwarded to the Diocese and the Vatican

Faith Formation Update—Lyn Pajk

  • Lyn presented a summary of the proposed Faith Formation program for this year. The theme for the year is “We’re Home” to recognize a return to a degree of normality following the COVID-related adjustments, to increase engagement in the church, and to address some of the improvement opportunities identified in the Synod sessions.
  • A summary of the tentatively planned month-by-month events is as follows:
    • Summer Events
      • August 27—Parish picnic
      • September 17—Car show
    • September Theme—Welcome Home
      • September 25—Encanto; whole parish family movie night, dinner, and small discussion groups
    • October Theme—Next Door
      • Neighboring Week, and Crop Walk
      • October 29—Trunk or Treat
    • November Theme—Home for the Holidays
      • November 12—Family dinner…Outreach Pasta Dinner
      • November 20—Advent wreath event
      • November 22—Eucharist and gathering around Thanksgiving Table (Presentation by Fr. Rob about Eucharist and modified Thanksgiving dinner)
    • December Theme—Home Sweet Home
      • December 14—Gingerbread houses…possibly mangers
    • January Theme—Bless Our Home
      • January 8—Home blessing “kits” for Epiphany
      • January 20—Game night (Euchre, Board Games, Bingo…)
    • February—Home is where the Heart is
      • February 7—Box full of love event
      • February 10—Talent show
      • February 11—Milestone marriages social
    • March
      • Pop up dinner??
    • April
      • April 16—Easter egg hunt


The meeting was adjourned at 7:10