Minutes of 09/06/2022

The LBS Meeting was held at 1:30 with 18 attendees. 

A Thank You was given Connie Latuszek and Dorothy Kociba for table arrangements and paper products, as well as a thank you to Connie and Judy for bringing goodies.  A list was sent around for the October meeting refreshments, Emails, and birthdays.

We talked about the Roll Bakes and what was all involved in making them.  A vote was taken as to whether we should continue them.  The vote was 17 No, 0 Yes and 1 Abstain.

A special thank you was given to:

  • Shirley Mikols as her role as past leader of our Rummage sales
  • Mary Anne Tessin for her new role in certifying for ServeSafe for our kitchen
  • Tana Zemanek & Ramona Lalka as Parish Picnic organizers
  • Linda Graf for her work with Perfect Potluck and Flock Notes
  • And…our Funeral Luncheon callers for all their hard work.

The dates were shared for Cider & Donuts:

October 16

November 13

Fleece Blankets:

October 19 (tentative date of Oct. 20 was mentioned at the meeting)

Tana’s Treasurers report:

$4,928.63    Beg. Balance for fiscal year July 2021- June 2022

$12,088.04  Revenue  (not including Seed Money for rummage sale of + $372.00)

  $3,877.53  Expenses  (not including Seed Money for rummage sale of – $372.00

$13,139.14   Beg. Balance for fiscal year July 2022 – June 2023

July 2022

$1,200.00        Revenue

$80.72        Expenses

August 2022

$700.00        Revenue

       $24.00        Expenses

$14,934.42      Current Cumulative Balance 

Guest Speaker

Lastly, we had the speaker from Wings of Mercy,  who gave us some very interesting information about their organization.

Judy let us know that next month’s speaker is from the Midland County Emergency Food Network.  And our special Interest Speaker would be from MCFTA regarding volunteer opportunities.

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