Faith Formation Kick-off Success

Let the Year Begin!

On September 18, our elementary kids kicked off their Faith Formation year with a great family event all about “being home!”  Knowing the people around us helps us feel like “we’re home,” so we started off with an icebreaker to get to know each other.  Familiar things make us feel like “we’re home,” so we played a game of Classic Concentration on the big screen, a favorite activity from last year’s Faith Formation events.  Homemade treats make us feel like “we’re home,” so we had some homemade brownies and lemonade for a snack.  And being responsible for our parish home and for one another makes us feel like “we’re home,” so we made sure to clear our places and sort out our supplies after crafting some cute little houses to take home.  We also shared and discussed the places and people that make us feel like “we’re home,” including here at Blessed Sacrament with our beautiful parish family.

Our Faith Formation Kickoff was followed by our first Youth Led Mass of the year.  Our elementary kids welcomed people to Mass as greeters (who wouldn’t feel welcome at Blessed Sacrament with those sweet smiling faces at the door?), while our middle and high schoolers shared God’s word as lectors.  Our littles were invited to gather around the font to watch the baptism of the newest member of our Blessed Sacrament family, little Zachariah John.  What a wonderful way to begin our Faith Formation year!