Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes | December 7, 2022

Joint Pastoral and Finance Councils Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2022

Attendees: Corrine Cathcart, Annette Clark, Dick Dolinski, Joe Dostal, Pam Gandy, Fr. Rob Howe, Kathy Fothergill, Jim Mahoney, Jim Marinek (Zoom), Lyn Pajk, Andy Pasztor, Jeff Paulus, Patrick Regier, Cathy Richard, Kevin Spencer, Barb Warczinsky

Excused: Dan Kozakiewicz, Dennis Thiel, Judy Gross


  • Meeting began at 7:15pm
  • Jim Mahoney moved and Barb Warczinsky seconded the approval of the minutes of the October 5, 2022 Pastoral Council meeting as corrected. The motion carried.

Updates (Fr. Rob)

  • A number of Synod-driven changes are being implemented
    • Return of altar servers, Eucharist in both forms, videos regarding the State of the Parish, Christmas welcoming, and small faith groups.
  • Facilities
    • The church carpeting project is complete
    • Quality problems with concrete at the church entrance required a re-work that seemed to be successful.
    • New concrete is being installed at the entrance to the Social Hall. Salt for ice melting can’t be used during the first winter so sand will be used instead to reduce slipping hazards.
    • A future project will be to chain off some entrances (e.g., from Kentwood) to the parking lot during the day for safety reasons; prevent speeding vehicles, doing donuts, etc.
    • The Arnold Center and the Midland County Educational Service Agency (ESA) have agreed to use 2 classrooms each in the school building. Arnold Center, provider of services for people with disabilities, will be using the classrooms to teach life skills, art, and related programs. The ESA will use their rooms for offices and storage space while their facilities are being renovated.
    • An assessment has been conducted of the school, gym, and social hall hot water heating equipment. Shut off valves will be installed in the former school building to isolate the facility in case of a water line break. The gym and social hall already have appropriate valves in place.
    • Major repairs are required of the shaft and wheels of the church air handling system.

Faith Formation—Elementary School Ministry Update (Corrine Cathcart and Lyn Pajk)

Corinne and Lyn presented an extensive review of elementary school programs—and then some. The attachment summarizes the various programs and initiatives ranging from movies, book reviews and discussions, talent shows, games, game nights, discussions about the history of the church in the US, Creeds, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit—and more! There is something there for everyone.

Finance Update (Patrick)

  • The October count was 810, down from the pre-COVID total of about 1,200.
  • The total Fund Balance through the end of November increased $263,000 owing in part to $140,000 from the federal COVID support program as well as a $126,000 bequest from the estate of former parishioner Glenn Waters.
  • Year-to-Date revenues and expenses were slightly more favorable than budget except for slightly less than favorable utilities and maintenance/repair expenses.
  • Weekend collections are ~$11,000 ahead of budget through the end of November.

Roundtable Updates

  • Barb—the music concert was great as is the Facebook portal. Kudos to Steve & Kristyn for their efforts in making this happen
  • Lyn—encouraged the Council members to use Facebook to share the good news about the Parish; the word does indeed get out through this medium.
  • Jim—programs in response to Synod input are great. Thanks for the updates.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm

Adult Faith Formation Opportunities Handout


  • 1/4 Afternoon Bible Break Begins
  • 1/11 Wednesday Morning Scripture Study Begins
  • 1/12 Laidback Book Club Discussion of UNOFFENDABLE
  • 1/17, 1/24, 1/31 A Three Part Series on Ways to Pray
  • 1/19 Theater and Theology: Just Mercy viewing and discussion 6:30-9:00 ***possible afternoon session as well if there is interest
  • 1/20 Whole Parish Family Game Night: Including a Euchre Tournament
  • 1/22 Laidback Book Club: Father James Martin’s LEARNING TO PRAY
  • 1/28 Beyond the Nudge: Rediscovering the Gifts of the Holy Spirit with Father Alberto Vargas
  • 2/5 Small Faith Group Sign Up Sunday
  • 2/6 Norb Bufka Presents “A Short History of the Catholic Church in the US”
  • 2/7 Box Full of Love Annual Event
  • 2/10 Whole Parish Family Talent Show
  • 2/11 Milestone Marriages Celebration
  • 2/19 Lenten Small Faith Groups Begin
  • 3/1 The History of the Creed with Edmund Stark