Meeting Minutes of Ladies of Blessed Sacrament (LBS) – Tuesday, March 7th

In the absence of our president Eileen Foster, Anne Boyd opened the afternoon meeting by welcoming the 27 people in attendance. The total included newcomers Barb Wahn, Louise Fazio, Joanne Rajewski, Sue D’Alessandro, Wendy Shields, and Janet Yoder. Other guests were Tom Messinger and John Kawiecki. 

A Hail Mary was said. Prayer requests were offered by various ladies.

Today’s refreshments were provided by Connie Latuszek, Dorothy Kociba, Chris Sharp, Elaine White, Tana Zemanek, and Naomi Granum.

Secretary Elaine White read the minutes from our February 7th meeting. Treasurer Tana Zemanek reported a current balance of $6007.71.  

Terri Stevenson will be the speaker at our April 11th meeting at 7 pm. No afternoon meeting that day. Tana Z and Ramona Lalka will coordinate a charcuterie board for our refreshment table at this evening meeting.  

Rummage sale week will be June 4th through 10th. Watch the bulletin for more information and for a full list of items most desired and items that won’t be accepted. Tana Z and Ramona L are co-chairwomen. We will use Perfect Potluck for the first time to solicit volunteers to work various shifts and to provide food for the workers.

Maureen Pillepich introduced our speaker, Kelli Jankens, Injury Prevention Manager from MyMichigan Health. Her topic was “Think First to Prevent Falls”. Kelli said that 70-80% of trauma hospital admissions are from falls and that 80% of falls happen at home. Forty percent of traumatic brain injuries are due to falls. We can lower our risk of falling by removing tripping hazards from our homes, eliminating clutter and cords in our paths, removing slippery throw rugs, wearing closed back slippers, walking with our hands out of our pockets, and using adequate lighting. And if we should fall, it’s important to carry a phone at all times. We thank Kelli Jankens for her informative presentation.

Sue D’Alessandro and JoAnn Rajewski, MyMichigan gift shop volunteers, encouraged us to become a hospital volunteer. MyMichigan has over 220 volunteers at this time but more are always needed.   MyMichigan gift shop will present a fashion show at our May meeting.

Please join us at our Tuesday, April 11th meeting at 7 pm. All are welcome.

Respectfully submitted,

Elaine White

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