Additional Information

Many factors contributed to this decision, including:

  • A steady decline in school enrollment since 2013. This can be attributed to many factors including a focus on STEM education in the public schools, changes in our school leadership, and a decline in the overall student population in Midland. Decline that also impacted MPS with school closings.
  • Throughout its history, the school has operated on parish subsidies, meaning our weekend collections support school, with school parents paying their “fair share.” Historically the parish has subsidized about 75% of the direct operating cost of school.
  • As it became evident that a more balanced funding model was needed, we announced in January 2020 a tuition-based model for the school. We were the last school in the Diocese to move to tuition. In the weeks that followed, enrollment began to drop and then COVID-19 worsened our financial position. This is when it became clear that it would not be viable to keep the school open.

For Families:

  • We will refund all registration fees paid to Blessed Sacrament for next school year, along with FACTS fee refunds.
  • The School Office will be working on student records in the coming days.

Other Communication:

Letter from Bishop Gruss

Letter to School Parents Regarding Tuition – January 2020