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The Miracle of Christmas

They said that cousin Barbie had been waiting for Christmas to die. My mother’s cousin was only in her fifties, but everyone knew that she didn’t have long. We got the call just as we were waking up early this…

The Service of Love

I knew the name of the event that I was headed to:  The Open Door Community Christmas Dinner. Outside of that I was not sure what my role was. I assumed washing dishes or serving since this was a dinner…

An Advent Reflection

As I knelt in Adoration on Sunday, December 9th, I suddenly caught myself planning my route back to the social hall, thinking of the things that needed to be done before the middle schoolers started grabbing their snack after prayer….

3rd Week of Advent: WISH

3rd Week of Advent: WISH The third week of Advent means Gaudete Sunday! It’s joy week friends! Why is it called “Gaudete Sunday”? Well, the entrance antiphon  (opening song) for Gaudete Sunday, in both the Traditional Latin Mass and the…

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