Second Grade Updates

Second grade had a great 100’s Day!  We all know the importance of exercise to keep our bodies strong.  So, we decided to do 10 repetitions of 10 different exercises to build body strength.  We also had a “Live” word find.  The students were able to go around the school with their papers and clipboards to search out 100 words.  Finally, we are working on 100 Act of Kindness.

The second grade has been studying frogs.  We have integrated Science and our Reading story “Frogs,” an expository nonfiction story.  We have completed in-class diagrams, comparing differences of frogs and toads,  and have had Mr. B. come in and share his information and pet toad, “Mr. Lumpy.”

WE LOVE READER’S THEATER!!!  The second grade enjoys plays and being able to bring stories to life.  The story the students acted out was “The Magic Snowman.”  All students took part to recreate this wonderful story.  Thank you Mrs. Pasek and Mrs. York!!!

Catholic Schools Week Recap

Catholic School’s Week was great fun at Blessed Sacrament. BRAVO to our Parent School Association (PSA) members, staff, and students for making it so fantastic! Highlights included our Shine Parade, Carnival / Dance, Reader’s Theater with the Amazing Angela Pasek, and lots of yummy food and great company!


Proactive Parenting Series- The Domino Effect of Technology on Families: Parenting in a Digital Age

Join Us for an Evening in Our

Proactive Parenting Series

The Domino Effect of Technology on Families: Parenting in a Digital Age

How can we teach our children (and ourselves) to harness the
good in technology and lessen the negative effects?

Blessed Sacrament Codes

Last Friday, during Computer Science Education Week, every class at Blessed Sacrament School participated in Hour of Code by creating their own game/program from beginning to end. The Hour of Code is a global movement to show that anybody can learn the basics of computer programing.  The kids did a great job and were proud of their creations.

At Blessed Sacrament School we are able to teach computer coding basics at different levels for every grade throughout the year. This was a fun event to tie in some of the things we have learned and will continue to learn throughout the year.