Faith Formation Registration 2020-21

As Catholic Christians, we are called to love God by doing works of love for others. In the face of difficulties and sin, LOVE really does WORK to overcome so many UN-lovely attitudes and situations. But this love isn’t a frilly Valentine’s Day kind of love. It is a radical, get your hands dirty, bleed and sweat for others kind of love. This year, as we focus on Catholic Social Teaching, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and love in a way that takes action! Come on everybody, let’s get to work!

Dear Blessed Sacrament Parish Community,

Although we are not able to gather together physically this weekend for Mass, we hope that you will join us in prayer as we open the Word together. Fr. Rob suggests using the Liturgy of the Word as an introduction to your meal. Break open the Word, and then break bread together like the earliest Christians.

You can find it under the Sunday Homilies, as well as on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Mrs. Dauenhauer will also be providing Children’s Liturgy of the Word! You can find those videos here.

As long as we cannot gather, we will provide these weekly Liturgy of the Word services.