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Children’s Faith Formation


The Keys to the Kingdom!


Faith Formation classes are a small faith group family for children. In these classes, children have the opportunity to learn about their faith in classes and assemblies, celebrate their faith through worship, and live out their faith in the service of others. They get to see God in action through a variety of people. 


The Elementary Faith Formation Program at Blessed Sacrament centers on both the child and the family. In age-leveled classrooms, children hear and process the gospel story before hearing it at Mass the following weekend based on the lectionary. Through the Finding God series, published by Loyola Press, they explore the rich traditions of the Catholic faith with their catechists and classmates. 


We have two options for Faith Formation classes:


Wednesday, 4:15-5:30pm


Sunday, 9:45-10:45am


Faith Formation

Preschool and Elementary Calendar



Sunday                                                                                Wednesday

9:45-10:45                                                                                                                       4:15-5:30


September 24—Kick-Off Family Assembly*            September 27—Kick-Off Family Assembly*

October 1                                                                    October 4

October 15                                                                  October 11

October 22                                                                  October 18

October 29                                                                  October 25

November 5                                                                November 1

November 12                                                              November 8

November 19                                                              November 15

December 3—Advent Family Assembly*                  November 29—Advent Family Assembly*

December 10                                                               December 6

December 17                                                             December 13

January 7                                                                       January 10

January 21                                                                     January 17

February 4                                                                     January 24

February 11—Lent Family Assembly*                        January 31

February 25                                                                  February 7

               March 4                                                   February 14Ash Wednesday**

               March 11                                        February 21—Lent Family Assembly*

March 18                                                                   February 28

March 25                                                                         March 7

April 15—Easter Family Assembly*                           March 14

April 22                                                                        March 21

                                                                                    April 11—Easter Family Assembly*

                                                                                    April 18


*Assemblies are designed for parent-child participation. We look forward to seeing you there!



** Children will be attending the Ash Wednesday Mass at 4:30 in the church. Please attend with your child if you are able.