Weekly Mass & Prayer Schedule

Join us for Mass and other prayer opportunities!

Monday, September 25 – Sunday, October 1

No daily Mass this week. Please pray for Fr. Rob and all our diocesan priests as they attend their assembly with Bishop Gruss.




6:30 pm Evening Prayer




8:30 am Rosary
4:00 pm Mass


8:30 am Mass (live-streamed)
11:00 am

Join us for worship online. You can find the latest link for our live streams above.

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The Sacrament of Penance will be held the first Saturday of the month from 2:30-3:00 pm. You can also make an appointment with Fr. Rob by calling the Parish Office.

Mass Times Around the MACC

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – 989-631-4447
Our Lady of Grace – (989) 687-5657
St. Brigid of Kildare – (989) 835-7121

Unforeseen Changes to Mass Schedule

Funerals can impact our weekday liturgy schedule. Since the impact is usually not known ahead of time, we will do our best to update the website and send an email via Flocknote. To receive the email, please follow this link.

Inclement Weather Policy

Weekend Masses will never be canceled. If Midland Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather, Weekday Mass is canceled.

At times someone may ask: “Why must one go to Church, given that those who regularly participate in Holy Mass are still sinners like the others?” We have heard it many times! In reality, the one celebrating the Eucharist doesn’t do so because he believes he is or wants to appear better than others, but precisely because he acknowledges that he is always in need of being accepted and reborn by the mercy of God, made flesh in Jesus Christ. If any one of us does not feel in need of the mercy of God, does not see himself as a sinner, it is better for him not to go to Mass! We go to Mass because we are sinners and we want to receive God’s pardon, to participate in the redemption of Jesus, in his forgiveness.”

– Pope Francis, General audience, St. Peter’s Square, Feb. 12, 2014 –