Faith Formation & Youth Ministry


For us to have an authentic relationship with someone, to both know that person deeply and be truly known ourselves, there are some things we can figure out by observation, but our most important qualities, thoughts, and dreams are things that we must reveal to each other over time. Every relationship requires communication and personal revelation in order to grow and strengthen. The same is true for our relationship with God! God created us in order to be in relationship with us! WOW!!! But because God isn’t like all of our other friends who may reveal their deeper selves over dinner or long car rides or even text messages, how does God reveal himself to us? God continually shares his loving presence through creation, sacred tradition, prayer, one another, and the BIBLE! From Genesis to the Book of Revelation, God is showing us who he is and is fully revealed to us in the person of JESUS!! Jesus is THE BIG REVEAL!!

All reveals are big deals!! They can be life changing! Because God desires an ever-deeper, life-changing friendship with each of us, we hope that you will join us for a year of conversations focused on the stories of the Bible, and how our stories are a continuation of God’s Great Love Story for All People of All Time. Check out our Faith Formation and Youth Ministry programs to see what will fit you and your family!