Elementary Faith Formation

At Blessed Sacrament, we believe our faith is exciting because God is exciting! Our goal is to get children and families excited about living out their calling in the world!

Faith Formation classes are a small faith group family for children. In these classes, children have the opportunity to learn about their faith in classes and assemblies, celebrate their faith through worship, and live out their faith in the service of others. They get to see God in action through a variety of people.

There are many components to the Elementary Faith Formation Program. This year, the Faith Formation Team’s theme is In the Beginning…! Elementary students are using it to explore the stories of the Old Testament. Many of the things we do in Faith Formation are extensions of our yearly theme.

Program Components


There are 4 seasonal Family Assemblies during the year—Kick-Off, Advent, Lent, and Easter—that explore the theme of the year.

The assemblies are designed for children to attend with their parents. A teaching is followed by a supporting activity to further open up the teaching for families.

Desert Wonderings

In addition to the Old Testament stories presented during the Family Assemblies, the students gather at the beginning of class 3 times a year to hear additional stories that further build on the theme.

Gospel Stories

Students start class each week with the Sunday gospel reading written in kid-friendly language so they can comprehend the message. The hope is that when they go to Mass that weekend, they will recognize the story they heard during Faith Formation!

Loyola Series

Classes use the Loyola Press series Finding God to uncover the richness inherent to our Catholic faith. The sacraments, prayers, church structures, and beliefs are explored with this series.

PreK-K Program

The PreK-K Program is a hands-on Lectionary-based program where children explore the gospel story each week through story, feltboard play, puppets, art projects, dress-up, and other manipulative-based activities appropriate to this age.

Special Programs

Each year, the older Faith Formation classes put on two special programs for the children and parents: the Nativity Play at Advent and the Stations of the Cross during Lent. These are designed to be kid-friendly activities that further enhance the liturgical season for the children.

Service Project

Every year, the Elementary Faith Formation kids at Blessed Sacrament take on a service project. This year, to complement our theme of In the Beginning…! exploring the stories of the Old Testament, we are working to raise money to buy a cow through the Heifer Project for families in need. We have talked about how many people in the world still live much as the Biblical figures in the Old Testament did. The children have been challenged to do something each week to be able to bring in 50 cents. At the end of the year, that will allow us to buy a cow to help a family!

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

At Blessed Sacrament, we offer CLOW for all elementary children at the 11:00 Mass on non-baptismal Sundays. After the Introductory Rites, Father call all elementary-aged children forward to the altar. Children will process with the catechists to the CLOW space in the back of the church and return to their parents at the Offertory.  All children are invited to CLOW, but children three and under are asked to attend with an adult.

Younger children should go to the CLOW space near the Bride’s Room. Third, fourth, and fifth graders are invited to the vestibule directly next door for a more age-appropriate CLOW.

CLOW is also offered at the Saturday 5:00 Mass several times a month for children second grade and under.

Ways to Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved

Forms for registering for Faith Formation can be found online or in the Faith Formation Office.

Volunteers are ALWAYS welcome! Please contact the Faith Formation Office if you would like to be:

  • A catechist for Faith Formation (Sunday mornings or Wednesday afternoons)
  • A CLOW catechist (Sunday mornings 3-4 times a year)
  • A CLOW assistant (Sunday mornings 3-4 times a year)
  • A photographer for special Faith Formation events
  • Or have another gift you would like to share with our children!