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Just like sports or other activities, to have an active faith, we have to practice! You don’t learn how to swim by looking at the water. You jump in!

Join the Faith Formation Team this year to jump into our faith. In Elementary Faith Formation this year, we’ll do some laps together to figure out what we believe and why, and we’ll put what we learn into practice to make our world and God’s world a better place to be!

Just like in sports, families are an important component of our faith life. In addition to weekly Faith Formation classes, there will be family events during the year to encourage families to practice their faith together.

PreK/K classes are based on the Sunday Lectionary Cycle. Children explore the weekly gospel through songs, puppets, dramatic play, dress-up, felt board activities, and art to learn how these stories relate to our lives today.

1st and 2nd grade classes use the Loyola Press Finding God series to build the foundation necessary for the reception of the sacraments.

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes meet together as a whole group to explore how to be an active and effective member of Team Catholic! Students will explore how they can grow their faith using a variety of activities and experiences to bring the Mass and the Sacraments alive.

Elementary Faith Formation 2019-2020 Calendar

Vacation Bible School!

June 15-18, 2020

VBS is held in conjunction with Assumption and St. Brigid’s parishes at the Assumption campus shortly after school gets out in June. More details to come in late winter.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

All elementary school children are invited to Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) at the 5:00 Mass on Saturday afternoon and the 11:00 Mass on Sunday morning. After the Introductory Rites, Father will ask the children to come forward for a blessing.

At the 11:00 Mass, we have two CLOW sessions to accommodate the different needs of the age groups of our elementary children. The second grade and under session meets in the vestibule by the bride’s room. The third, fourth, and fifth grade session meets in the next vestibule over. Vestibules are marked with signs during Mass.

The goal of CLOW is for the children to “graduate” from CLOW into Mass with the regular assembly with an understanding of both the Sunday gospel and the underlying structure of the Mass. CLOW is not held on baptismal Sundays. Instead, Father will invite the children to witness the baptism at the font.

CLOW Dates

September 14/15
September 21/22
October 12/13
October 19/20
November 2/3
November 9/10
November 17/18
December 7/8
December 14/15
January 11/12

February 1/2
February 8/9
February 15/16
February 28/March 1
March 7/8
March 14/15
March 21/22
April 25/26
May 2/3
May 9/10

Ways to Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved

Forms for registering for Faith Formation can be found online or in the Faith Formation Office.

Volunteers are ALWAYS welcome! Please contact the Faith Formation Office if you would like to be:

  • A catechist for Faith Formation (Sunday mornings or Wednesday afternoons)
  • A CLOW catechist (Sunday mornings 3-4 times a year)
  • A CLOW assistant (Sunday mornings 3-4 times a year)
  • A photographer for special Faith Formation events
  • Or have another gift you would like to share with our children!
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