Attendees:  Fr. Rob Howe, Pat Regier, Pam Gandy (via Zoom), Dan Kozakiewicz, Dennis Thiel, Joe Dostal, Kathy Fothergill

Reported by:  Fothergill                                                     

Financial Update

Financial Results as of September 30, 2022:  Total Net Assets increased by $191K for the current fiscal year which began July 1, 2022.  The increase was largely due to a $140K payment from the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC), a Federal program designed to keep employees on the payroll during COVID.  We will likely see another refund in the coming months, which is estimated to bring the program total to $315K. 

Christian Service balance decreased by $4.8K because of emergency assistance payments Fiscal YTD.  Father Rob and a team of parishioners will begin the review of grant applications as part of our Christian Service outreach ministry.  Annual grant payments will increase from $115K last year to $125K because we increased our Christian Service Tithe last year from 8% to 10% of Weekend Collections.  The Parish has funded this ministry for over 40 years.

First quarter (July – September) Weekend Collections were $6K ahead of Budget.  Other sources of revenue were higher because of the ERTC credit, which is not included in the Budget.  Total Expenses through the first quarter were better than Budget in all major categories other than Utilities, which increased due to higher electricity usage and rising natural gas prices.

Our Christ Mission Appeal target assigned by the Diocese for this year is $250,375, which is a 5.9% increase over last year’s target.

In October, the Parish received a donation of $126K from a former parishioner’s estate.  The gift has been deposited in our Major Expenditures Fund, which best represents our large and unusual expenses.

Weekend Collections are tracking ahead of budget through September, and this trend has continued into October.

Facilities Update:

Work completed

  • Church carpet installation was completed September 2022.  Cost $107K
  • Church mail entrance pavers and staining.  Cost ~$19K

Work in process

  • Assessment of south building (former school), gym and social hall heating equipment
    • Asset sub-team includes Joe Dostal (lead), Dan Kozakiewicz, Pat Regier
    • Engineering consulting firm completed a deeper review August 30, 2022
    • Obtain estimates to install shutoff valves to the hot water supply for the former school area (gym and social hall already have appropriate shutoff valves). Valves will be installed Spring 2023.  Once valves are installed, we will be able to isolate the south building if there is a break.
  • Parish west entrance – Sugar Construction has committed to replace concrete that has shown pitting and flaking.  Target completion – 3 to 4 weeks.


Father Rob reported that the Arnold Center will be utilizing two classrooms from the former school building.  The rooms will be used by the Arnold Center for Life Skills classes and Art classes.  Midland County ESA (Educational Service Agency) will also be utilizing two classrooms for their some of their staff while their current building is undergoing renovations during the next two years.

There was some discussion about unauthorized (not Church related) use of the parking lot at night, often by teenagers.  There was further discussion about the size of the parking lot and whether there might be a better use for some of that property.  This discussion was very preliminary.

There will be no meeting of the Finance and Asset Council in November.  Next meeting will be held jointly with the Pastoral Council in December. 

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.       


Attendees:  Fr. Rob Howe, Pat Regier,Pam Gandy, Dan Kozakiewicz, Andy Pasztor, Joe Dostal, Kathy Fothergill

Reported by:  Fothergill                                                     

Opening Comments:  Father Rob reported that the Parish picnic was an all-around success.  There were more attendees than last year, and the tent and the gym were both full.  The golf outing was enjoyed by 26 foursomes.  The car show was also successful. Separately, we may put barriers in the parish parking lot to reduce unwanted nighttime traffic from teenage/adult users of the park.  Also, we are addressing some issues with cooling in the church.

Finance Update

Financial Results as of June 30, 2022: Total Net Assets increased by $27K for the full fiscal year ended June 30.  Total Revenues exceeded Expenses, driven by Weekend Collections.  Major Expenditures Fund has decreased by $121K as a result of significant projects, including repair and restoration of church pews and terrazzo floors.  Ladies of Blessed Sacrament had a successful rummage sale in June with net proceeds of approximately $7,200.  The School Dedicated Fund is now closed. 

Cash reserves at the end of the fiscal year (June 30) were $2,250K, an increase of $54K (2.5%) compared with last fiscal year’s balance, despite the large outlay for repairs and restoration of church pews and floor, which is a very positive trend.  Annual Average Cash reserves for the past five fiscal years is $2.1M, which covers approximately 12 months of operating expenses.

Financial Results as of August 31, 2022:  Total Net Assets increased by $191K for the current fiscal year which began July 1, 2022.  The increase was largely due to a $140K payment from the Employee Retention Tax Credit, a Federal program designed to keep employees on the payroll during COVID.  This payment had not been included in the current year’s budget.  Total Expenses YTD through August were better than Budget across most categories except Utilities and Maintenance & Repairs.  Weekend Collections are tracking Budget, in line with last year Budget.

Christ Mission Appeal (CMA) for 2021 ended August 31, and we missed the target assigned by the Diocese by approximately $28K (~12%).  Despite having our total pledges matching last year’s levels we missed our target by ~$28,000. The 15% increase in our CMA assessment was simply too much to overcome. This is the first time Blessed Sacrament has missed the target since 1995.  The shortfall will be funded by the Parish.  Our new 2022 CMA target is $250,375, an increase of 5.9% over last year’s target.  Kick-off is planned for next weekend and parishioners should be receiving their pledge cards in the mail.

Facilities Update:

Work completed

  • Church carpet installation was completed September 2022.  Cost $107K
  • Church mail entrance pavers and staining.  Cost ~$19K

Work in process

  • Parish west entrance – we have pitting and flaking issues with concrete poured in May 2020.  Working with Sugar Construction on full replacement.
  • Assessment of south building (former school), gym and social hall heating equipment

Project scope was approved by Fr. Rob and Asset Sub Team; completed by Eckert Wordell on August 30, 2022

Joe Dostal (team lead) reviewed existing equipment and operating condition, and distribution of piping throughout the complex; former school building classroom heating units and hot water piping are beyond original life expectancy

More immediate issue is to install shut-off valves to the former school building.  Cost $10 – $15K.

Discussed several options for heating/cooling former school building. Range from $50K to $400K.  Although no immediate action is required, the review provides useful information for planning purposes. Further analysis will require dialog covering potential building investments, such as roof replacement, restrooms, etc., in conjunction with future plans for building usage.

  • Upgraded the alarm system in the church and parish center. Monitoring is being provided by Veteran’s Alarm

Roundtable: No additional comments.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.       

Joint Pastoral and Finance Council Meeting Minutes | June 1, 2022 6:30pm

Blessed Sacrament Parish

Joint Pastoral and Finance Council Meeting Minutes

June 1, 2022 6:30pm


Attendees: Annette Clark, Dick Dolinski, Mike Erickson, Pam Gandy,

Fr. Rob Howe, Jim Mahoney, Lyn Pajk, Andy Pasztor, Jeff Paulus, Patrick Regier, Cathy Richard, Kristyn Russell, Barb Warczinsky

Excused: Joe Dostal, Kathy Fothergill, Judy Gross, Dan Kozakiewicz, Jim Marinek, Kevin Spencer



  • Barb Warczinsky moved and Jim Mahoney seconded the approval of the Pastoral Council’s minutes of the meeting of May 5, 2022. The motion carried.


  • Church west entrance is being renovated. The appearance will be similar with the use of staining to match the current concrete.

Synod 2021-23 Results—Parish Summary: Kristyn Russell

  • Kristyn Russel presented a summary of the results of the multiple Synod sessions. Her summary regarding parish-related input is attached
  • What we do well
    • Parish Community—strong community, hospitable, open to change
    • Liturgy—homilies, music, liturgical ministers, CARE participants
    • Faith Formation—many opportunities for formation, programs, youth opportunities
    • Administration—staff, communications, impact on families
  • Where we can improve
    • Parish Community—outreach, welcoming, opportunities for youth service
    • Liturgy—music, community coming together
    • Faith Formation—interactions with other churches, parish mission
    • Administration—transparency, staff visibility, newcomer weekends, listening sessions, marketing what we do well
  • Goals for Moving Forward
    • Parish Community—family-oriented service opportunities, yearly listening sessions, state of parish address, welcome back weekends
    • Faith Formation—small faith groups, MACC opportunities, recruit catechists
    • Liturgy—greetings before Mass, expanded liturgical participation, expanded music offerings, recruit music ministers
    • Administration—staff at coffee & donuts for discussion, post minutes of Pastoral and Finance Councils, build awareness of Christian Service Funding
  • The principal subjects regarding the global church were focused on women’s role in the church, increased diversity and inclusiveness, and the availability of Eucharist for all
  • A full report of Blessed Sacrament’s Synod results has been forwarded to the Diocese and the Vatican

Faith Formation Update—Lyn Pajk

  • Lyn presented a summary of the proposed Faith Formation program for this year. The theme for the year is “We’re Home” to recognize a return to a degree of normality following the COVID-related adjustments, to increase engagement in the church, and to address some of the improvement opportunities identified in the Synod sessions.
  • A summary of the tentatively planned month-by-month events is as follows:
    • Summer Events
      • August 27—Parish picnic
      • September 17—Car show
    • September Theme—Welcome Home
      • September 25—Encanto; whole parish family movie night, dinner, and small discussion groups
    • October Theme—Next Door
      • Neighboring Week, and Crop Walk
      • October 29—Trunk or Treat
    • November Theme—Home for the Holidays
      • November 12—Family dinner…Outreach Pasta Dinner
      • November 20—Advent wreath event
      • November 22—Eucharist and gathering around Thanksgiving Table (Presentation by Fr. Rob about Eucharist and modified Thanksgiving dinner)
    • December Theme—Home Sweet Home
      • December 14—Gingerbread houses…possibly mangers
    • January Theme—Bless Our Home
      • January 8—Home blessing “kits” for Epiphany
      • January 20—Game night (Euchre, Board Games, Bingo…)
    • February—Home is where the Heart is
      • February 7—Box full of love event
      • February 10—Talent show
      • February 11—Milestone marriages social
    • March
      • Pop up dinner??
    • April
      • April 16—Easter egg hunt


The meeting was adjourned at 7:10




Attendees: Fr. Rob Howe, Pat Regier, Dan Kozakiewicz, Judy Gross, Andy Pasztor, Mike Erickson, Joe Dostal, Kathy Fothergill
Reported by: Fothergill

Opening Comments:

Father Rob commented on the refurbished pews and polished terrazzo floors, which look very good. Following last month’s discussion on carpet replacement, we expect the new carpet will be in place later this year. Father Rob welcomed Joe Dostal to the Council. Joe will also join the Asset subcommittee of the Council.

Financial Results as of March 31, 2022:

Net Assets increased by $26K for the first nine months of the current fiscal year. Net Revenue (excluding Major Expenditures) increased $168K. The reduction in the Christian Service Fund reflects $115K in grant payments made to 43 different organizations during the year. As a result of our tithe (10% of Weekend Collections) we have set aside $113K YTD for outreach ministries next year. Major Expenditures Fund has decreased as a result of significant projects, including repair and restoration of church pews and terrazzo floors.

Weekend Collections were $18K higher than Budget for the quarter ending in March. YTD Weekend Collections were $46K higher than Budget and slightly better than last year. Other sources of revenue were lower vs. Budget for the quarter ($17K) and YTD ($46K). Total Expenses for the quarter were below Budget, as lower than budgeted salaries and employee expenses offset higher utility costs and emergency assistance payments. Weekend Collections for the first three weeks of April remain higher than Budget.

Assumptions for Preliminary Budget (July 2022 – June 2023):

  • Weekend Collections – flat vs. Current Budget
  • Other Income – reduce by $40K, based on current year actual
  • Salaries – Merit and COLA increase of 6% (vs. 4% current year), partially offset by resource savings in Admin; will follow Diocesan guidelines for clergy.
  • Medical Benefits – increase 5%; Michigan Catholic Conference guideline 3% – 5%
  • Non-Medical including Dental – small change from current year
  • Christian Service Outreach – increase in line with higher tithe (10% of Weekend Collections)
  • Modest increase in Property and Liability Insurance
  • A payment of $40K for Christ Mission Appeal will be included in Budget

Budget timeline – Preliminary Next Year Budget will be reviewed at next Council meeting. Final version will be presented at May or June meeting.

Facilities Update:

Work completed

  • Church pews repair and restore, including terrazzo floors; started January 5, completed March 30 (ahead of schedule); cost $136K
  • Church entrance doors, replaced thresholds and sweeps; cost ~$20K
  • Parish Center air handler coil broke; insurance provided partial coverage



Attendees:  Fr. Rob Howe, Patrick Regier, Andy Pasztor, Mike Erickson, Dan Kozakiewicz, Kevin Spencer and Pam Gandy

Via Zoom:  Kathy Fothergill

Reported by: Pam Gandy

Opening Comments:  Fr. Rob once again approached the Bishop about the Virtus program with regards to the Legacy Center using the school for its programs. If the Legacy Center is allowed to use the space without the Virtus requirement they may make the move.

The Diocese is working with the parishes to see if we qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (employee payroll tax rebate). If so, the Diocese will assist us in getting the credit.

Joe Dostal is interested in being on the Council. Fr. Rob/Patrick will extend an invitation to our next meeting

The pew and floor project will be completed in the next 2 weeks, several weeks ahead of schedule.

The 11:00 outdoor Mass has ended. In the future, outdoor Masses may be scheduled but at this time none is planned.

February financial results:  Net assets increased by $50K. the Christian Service Tithe balance reflects in our commitment to increase our tithe to 10% of weekend collections.

In February, $115K in Christian Service grants were awarded to forty-three organizations. It was noted that we have been doing this program for 40 years and have donated over $3 million in grants.

February collections were $8K above budget. Year to date collections are ahead by $37K. Other revenue sources (memorial donations, programing fees and miscellaneous income) are under budget by $40K. Expenses were lower than budget. Payroll costs were lower than budget. This was offset by higher utility and emergency assistance expenses. Emergency assistance requests have increased significantly over last year.

We are three quarters through the year. It is expected that we will finish at budget or slightly above.

We have not met our Christ Mission Appeal goal for this year. We are at 81% of goal or $41K behind. Approximately 100 letters were sent to parishioners that pledged in prior years but have not contributed this year. If we do not make the goal the remaining funds will come from our Parish Fund.

Preliminary 2022-23 Budget Assumptions:

A midyear recognition award to full and part time employees ($400 and $200 respectively) in April was approved. Approximate cost was $7,900.

For this fiscal year collections were higher than budget. We will be using the 2021-22 actual collections for the 2022-23 budget.

The council approved a 6% salary increase. This will put the employees whole with respect to the 20-21 budget where no increases were made (yearend recognition awards were made). Last year the Diocese recommended 3%. Council decided on 4%. The Diocese guideline was 3.5% plus a midyear increase if possible. Council approved the 6% to take effect in July.

Medical insurance will increase 3 to 5%.

Facilities Update – Church Carpet Approval:

Bid Summary

Contractor Bid
Northeastern Paint – Saginaw, Michigan $102,689
O’Connor’s Decorating  –  Saginaw, Michigan $99,672
Everett Carpet – Midland, Michigan Did not provide

The proposals were reviewed. Three companies were asked to submit a proposal. Northeastern Paint (Saginaw) bid was $102,689. O’Connor’s Decorating (Saginaw) bid was 99,672. Everett Carpet (Midland) declined to bid. The difference in the bid amounts were discussed. Ultimately, the council decided to go with Northeastern Paint because they have their own employees (O’Connor’s uses contractors), and Northeastern Paint installed the carpet that we have, and they have employees that have the technical expertise required for our complex layout.

Melanie Evans (designer/parishioner) assisted with the color and design choices.

A motion was made to approve the Northeastern Paint bid. Mike Erickson approved, Dan Kozakiewicz second the motion. Council approved with no disapprovals.

Round Table:  Dan discussed that the leak left of the Alter is coming from the stained glass. This will be addressed in the near future.

The council went to the church to look at the carpet samples. A vote was taken, and it was decided that we would go with the olive (VS teal) option.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30




Attendees:  Fr. Rob Howe, Patrick Regier, Andy Pasztor, Judy Gross and Pam Gandy

Via Zoom:  Cathy Fothergill

Reported by: Pam Gandy

Opening Comments:  Fr Rob had no opening comments. He will comment during the meeting.

2nd Quarter Financial Results:   Fiscal year to date (7/1 – 12/31), Net Assets increased $175 K. The majority of that was excess Weekend Collections (102K). We did receive a one-time contribution of $14K. Christmas Collection was the highest since 2016.

Major Expenditures increased by our tithe amount ($12,500) but will decline significantly as the church pew and floor projects wind out.

The School Dedicated fund was closed out. Our 2-year commitment to support a teacher at St. B’s MACC tuition subsidy ended. Currently, we have 18 students at St B’s. Many are in kindergarten and first grade. We will continue the subsidy of $1,000 per student, but that will come from the Parish Fund.

In February, the Christian Service Committee will be meeting to award $115K in service grants. For the current fiscal year, the budget was increased to 10%. The amount will increase from $120K to $175K.

Weekend collections for the 2nd quarter were better than budget by $21K. Expenses were better than budget except for repairs and maintenance and furnishing and equipment. In spite of the wintry weather, utilities were in line with the budget.

The 2nd quarter results will go out next week in Flock Notes and the Bulletin.

Christ Mission Appeal Update:  We are halfway through the 2021 appeal. Our target is $236,595 (15% increase from 2020). As of December 31,2021, we have received 73% (175K). Participation is ½ of the normal amount. We did have the same number of cards as in 2020. If we are short, we will have to pay the shortage.

A second letter was sent by the Bishop in December. At that time there was an uptick in contributions.

The plan is to conduct another drive in February by having blank cards available in at coffee and donuts.

Facilities Update:  The pew project started on 1/4/22 and is expected to be completed in 8 weeks. New carpet installation is in preliminary planning. The estimated cost is $85K. The current carpet is approximately 14 years old. We are working with an interior designer (Melanie Evans, parishioner) to assist with selections.  Under consideration are the use of 2’x2’ squares on in the pew area. That would allow for replacement of tiles as needed. The alter and step would be regular carpet. We will need Diocese approval. Council gave approval to move forward with the project.


We did have a heat issue that could have caused considerable damage. Fortunately, the original backup was able to be used.

Round Table:  There has been no tenant interest in using the school at this time. This summer we will let various nonprofits know that there is space available. Maureen Donker has offered to assist with this. At this time, the youth ministries are using the school.

They will be a meeting next week to discuss St. Vincent De Paul project. There are approximately 8 people interested in the project. I someone steps up to take the lead then we will move forward, if not we will pass. Fr Rob indicated either way was ok with him.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20.




Attendees:  Fr. Rob Howe, Patrick Regier, Kevin Spencer, Andy Pasztor, Pam Gandy and Mike Erickson Reported by: Pam Gandy

Opening Comments:  Father Rob discussed the St Vincent De Paul project and this year’s faith formation programs.

Patrick has switched to a part time roll. He will be working four days a week.

The financial statements continue to look good.

Mass attendance was discussed. At this point attendance may never come back to pre-pandemic numbers. Most parishioners will “identify as Catholic” but will only attend on Christmas and Easter (the major celebrations).

This fiscal year the high school students will be meeting in the school rather than meeting in homes.


1st Quarter Financial Results:    Net assets increased $84K. The first quarter revenue was $3K over budget.

Fr. Rob and Christian Service ministry will be reviewing this year’s grant applications.

First quarter total expenses were better than budget except service to parishioners due to the parish picnic expenses.

HVAC controls that were updated last year should pay off due to the expected increase in heating costs for this winter.

The quarterly financial report will be in the bulletin and Flock Notes the last weekend in October.


Christ Mission Appeal:   The Bishop wanted the Diocese to take control of the appeal. Originally the goal was to be a soft target (no refunds if we exceed the goal, but we would not be responsible for any shortage). That did not happen. The appeal will be runs as in the past.

This year’s target is 236,595 a 15% (30K) over last year. The 2020 program just made our target.

The year the average gift was larger, but we saw a sharp decline in the participation rate.

We will not go back to home visits, but we will be conducting a pledge drive in early 2022.


Facility Update:  The pew repair project (estimated cost $135K) and the floor refinishing will begin January 2022. It will be complete by Easter. A small section will be redone so that parishioners will be able to see the final products.

The Parish center air handler hot water coil broke. The unit was 30 years old. Reliable heating was able to repair the unit. The damage done the office ceiling was covered by insurance. We will have to pay for the repair. Total damage $6K, our part $2K.

The Church entrance doors are in fair condition. Thresholds and sweeps will be replaced. Cost $20K.

Meeting adjourned 8:15.









Attendees:  Fr. Rob Howe, Pat Regier, Dan Kozakiewicz, Pam Gandy, Andy Pasztor, Bob Gamm, Kevin Spencer, Kathy Fothergill

Reported by:  Fothergill

Opening Comments:  Father Rob recapped recent Parish events.  There were between 400 and 500 people at the Parish Picnic.  The event was a success, notwithstanding some weather issues.  The golf outing also did well, with 24 foursomes.  The Car Show had 70 cars and a good number of attendees, and we plan to repeat this event next year.

Mass attendance is still not back to pre-COVID levels.  Attendance appears to have plateaued.  We are still getting about 100 hits for the online Sunday Mass.

The Legacy Center will not be using any of our school classrooms, as had been planned.  The Diocese currently requires that any adults who work with children on Parish property take a specific child abuse training program.  All Legacy Center volunteers and employees who work with children have already undergone the review process used by Midland Public Schools, and the Legacy Center was not comfortable requiring their volunteers to undergo an additional vetting process.  Our high school Youth Ministry will use the classrooms this year.

Fiscal 2020 – 2021 Results:  Net Assets increased by $356K, driven by higher revenue from Weekend Collections and recognition of 100% of our PPP Loan as income ($246K).  Expenses across most categories were lower.  Major Expenditures Fund increased by $33K due to the ongoing budget tithe plus $200K of the PPP Loan proceeds.  These added funds covered the balance of the roof replacement project and the concrete work done on the entrances of the Parish Center and Church.  School Dedicated Fund reflects our education support for St. Brigid.  Our current year contribution of $45K will complete our two-year commitment to St. Brigid.  Parish cash reserves at the end of the last fiscal year (June 2021) were $2,195,648, an increase of 4% over the prior fiscal-year-end balance.  This amount covers approximately 12 months of Parish operating expenses.

Current Fiscal YTD Results:  Net Assets have increased by $55K.  Weekend Collections were $4K better than Budget, while other revenue sources were down slightly.  Total Expenses were better than Budget in most categories, although this favorable variance may decline as activities pick up in the coming months.

The Parish exceeded our $205,734 target for the 2020 Christ Mission Appeal by approximately $2,200, maintaining the Parish’s 25-year record of exceeding our Appeal targets.  Parish participation was significantly lower this year (30% vs. an average of 55%).  We expect the Diocese will kick off the new appeal in mid-October.  According to the Bishop, we will not have a hard target (although we may be given a “goal”).  The entire appeal process will be handled by the Diocese.

Weekend Collections:  Collections continue to track Budget, which is in line with last year Actual.  Employee Costs and Utilities are the largest Expense components of our Budget.

Facilities Update:  Project to repair and restore Church pews and floors is scheduled to start in January 2022, and take eight weeks to complete.  Estimated cost is $135K.  Church entrance doors are in fair condition.  We will replace thresholds and sweeps at an estimated cost of $20K.  Work on the main entrance doors has already been completed.  Additional projects planned for the next few years include Church carpet (2023); Roof over kitchen, hall and gym (2024); Parish Center roof (2026); School roof over classrooms (2025).

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.




Meeting held in person and virtually

Attendees:  Fr. Rob Howe, Pat Regier, Pam Gandy, Andy Pasztor, Kathy Fothergill, Kevin Spencer   Reported by:  Fothergill

Opening Comments:  Fr. Rob said he continues to be impressed by the generosity of parishioners who are keeping up with contributions.  This enables us to do some projects (like repairing and restoring pews and floors) that otherwise would have been postponed.

The Task Force established last month is looking at partnerships for the school building.  One of the classrooms will be used as a warehouse for ACT Uganda, but we do not want the entire building to be used as a warehouse.

We have not established any special mandate on masks.  We are following CDC guidelines.

April Financial Results:  Net Assets have increased by $305K since the start of the fiscal year, due to higher revenue from Weekend Collections and the recognition of 100% of our PPP Loan as income (fully forgiven by the SBA earlier this year).  Expenses across most categories are lower vs. last year and vs. this year’s budget.  CMA is now at 98% (within $5K) of our $205,734 target.  Diocesan reminders and our email campaign, which targeted those who contributed in 2019 but not in 2020, have worked.  There has been no official word yet on the timing of the 2021 Diocesan appeal, but we suspect it will start in the fall.

Weekend Collections continue to track ahead of budget in May. This year’s budget was set 30% lower than last year, which included approximately $90K of contributions from school families.  We continue to close the gap in Weekend Collections vs. last year.

2021 – 2022 Budget: Pat presented a proposed budget, using the current FY budget, actual YTD income and expenses, and Diocesan guidelines as the starting point.  There was significant discussion around employee salaries and benefits to ensure that Parish employees are fairly compensated.  Fr. Rob and Patrick expressed confidence that our employees are fairly compensated especially relative to their peer groups within the Diocese. Patrick also discussed how the Parish defines its roles and assign job points that are weighted based on responsibilities. Job points and salary ranges are assigned to each role from the lowest to the highest. Recognizing a pay freeze last fiscal year Patrick and Fr. Rob agree to increase the merit from 3% to 4% in the budget. In addition review employee pay and wage rates relative to their respective job level and pay range and then make additional budget adjustments especially for higher performers. The Council also expressed strong support for increasing our Christian Service tithe to 10% of Weekend Collections, up from the current level of 8%.

Facilities Update:  Church roof replacement and purchase of livestream camera equipment were completed in 2020.  We received a donation that helped fund the camera equipment.  Concrete repair and replacement (Parish west entrance, church sidewalk, kitchen step) was completed in May 2021, cost $30,000.  Parking lot crack fill, also completed in May 2021, cost $14,000.  Work in process includes replacement of green pavers (cross symbol and church entrance), scheduled for Fall 2021.  The project to repair and restore pews was initiated in February 2021. We have requested approval from the Diocesan Building Commission and Bishop Gruss, which could be received in June 2021.  If approved, the project would start in January 2022 (estimated) and take eight weeks to complete.

Roundtable:  This will be the last meeting of the Council until Fall.  There may be a joint meeting with the Pastoral Council in June or late Summer.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.




Fr. Rob Howe, Pat Regier, Andy Pasztor, Kathy Fothergill, Judy Gross, Dan Kozakiewicz, Kevin Spencer, Mike Erickson,  Pam Gandy

Reported by : Pasztor

Opening comments:  Fr. Rob had a few comments on finances

  • He continues to be pleasantly surprised by the weekly collections. Despite the lower than average attendance due to Covid the weekly collections remain strong.
  • The parish’s participation in Christ Mission has still not met 100% of target.
  • The new camera system in church for broadcasting Mass and other events has been well received. It has been so well received that someone who use the system recently made a donation to pay for most of the new system.

Financial Results:    Patrick shared the financial results and fund balances through March 31, 2021.  The parish net assets increase by $268k.  This is a combination of higher than expected weekend collections and having the entire Paycheck Protection Program loan of $246k forgiven.  $200k was put towards major expenditures funds.  Expenses across most categories were lower than plan.

Christian service grants made in this quarter totaled $115K to approximately 50 organizations.  This is the 40th year grants have been made totaling $2.9MM over that time.   We continue to make emergency support payments of about $25k per year.  We continue to fund projects at about 8% of our Sunday collections.

Results for this quarter will be shared with the parish by a flocknote message.

Weekend collections continue to exceed plan for the year.  As we are in the last quarter Patrick will prepare the budget for the next fiscal year and report at one of next meetings.

Christ mission appeal is at 93% of target ($205,734).  Reminders by both the diocese and the parish have been sent. Fr. Rob said a reminder will be used in the televised mass to remind people to participate.   No date for the 2021 appeal has been sent.  This will be the first time in many years we have not met our goal.  Since the diocese and not the parish is managing the program this year we have not had the personal contact we have had in the past.

School Building Update:  Three Rivers constriction did an evaluation of the school building.  No major structural problems were found. Areas of concern are the restrooms, electrical and age of the heating system.

Fr. Rob has put together a team to explore uses for the building.  Team includes Jeff Paulus, Dick Dolinski, Maureen Donker, Kristyn Russell and Mary Shaughnessy.  He has asked the team to present 3 options.  Ground rules of the options are:

  • It should be ministerial in nature
  • Not intended to make money (revenue neutral)
  • Something that parishioners could participate in if they wanted to Work with organizations in the area. More on this to follow.

Initial use of the School building is an agreement made with a Uganda mission group (Agape Community Transformation) to use one of the rooms as a warehouse.  This group sells products from Africa with the proceeds going to support an orphanage in Uganda.  The council members supported this. It will be shared with the parish in an upcoming bulletin.

Facilities Update:  Completed projects include the Church roof replacement and the Livestream Camera equipment in the church.

Currently a number of smaller concrete projects are underway including the west entrance to the parish center and filling some cracks in the parking lot.

Church Pews Restoration:  The Asset sub-team examined the condition of the pews in church and recommended that they need to be restored. They are the original pews for 1966 and have never been updated.

The parish staff obtained two bids for this job.

 Quality Wood Products from Ubly MI came in at $153,085.  Hensler Furniture, Saginaw MI came in at $194,400. Bid Summary

Contractor Bid Kneelers Terrazzo Floors Total
Quality Wood Products – Ubly, Michigan $112,550 20,535 $20,000 153,085
Hensler Furniture  –  Saginaw, Michigan $174,400 ? $20,000 194,400


QWP is lowest bid and will include the kneelers. Hensler Furniture bid did not include the kneelers. There is a 10 year limited warranty on all workmanship, wood and wood finishes.

Conclusion / Recommendation – Select Quality Wood Products. Estimate start date of January 2022.Pews will be removed, restored, and re-installed by section. Will take 8 weeks to complete.

The Quality Wood Products bid included refinish the pews and the kneelers and cleaning/polishing the Terrazzo floors under the pews. The Hensler did not include refurbishing the kneelers.

Quality Wood Products estimates it will take 8 weeks to perform the work.  Current scheduling would be for early 2022.  They would do one section at a time so the church is still usable for mass.

The staff recommended we accept the bid from Quality Wood Products.

The Finance Council voted unanimously to accept the recommendation to approve the bid from Quality Wood Products.

The next step is to obtain the Bishop’s approval.


Round Table:  No questions or discussion was brought up at this time.


Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.