Thank You from the Knights of Columbus

The Blessed Sacrament Knights of Columbus Council 13452 would like to send a special thank you to the parishioners of Blessed Sacrament for the generous donations received supporting the Soup To Go events and the recent Tootsie Roll drive.  The seven Soup To Go events brought in $5891 in donations and the Tootsie roll drive brought in $1242. The Knights of Columbus volunteers contribute about 20 homemade soups to the Soup To Go events.  This volunteer effort is in turn rewarded with donations from the parish.  During this pandemic event, these donations have exceeded past years donations.  The generosity is extremely appreciated by the recipients of the funds.  The Knights of Columbus have a core value of Charity and this activity and result reflects on our core values as Knights and a Catholic Community.

The local council raises money through these events to give it away. The highlights of the distributions of these funds include but are not limited to:

  1. $2000 (2 x $1000 each) have been donated to studying seminarians.
    1. Kevin Wojciechowski
    2. John Sira
  2. $1400 has been given to Special Olympics
  3. $500 has been given to Camp Fish Tales.
  4. Donations to C.A.R.E. formerly SPREAD

The Knights are also involved in harvesting, processing, and distributing firewood to those in need. Scores of face cords have been delivered under the leadership of Dave Rupp. Typical recipients are those identified through Cancer Services that have become too ill or weak to provide their own heat.

The Knights have direction to support widows and children of the parish and community.  Dave Pasek is coordinating projects aimed at helping those in need with home maintenance and care.

The personal rewards for helping those in need include spiritual uplifting, camaraderie, and knowing you personally made a difference.  Nothing is more rewarding than a thank you, and a smile from a recipient.

If you or a family member would like to join the Knights or to just assist in project work, please contact us personally or through our Facebook page. We welcome anybody who would like to participate and join us.

Again, the Blessed Sacrament Knights of Columbus council sends a special thank you to the Parishioners of Blessed Sacrament for their generosity during the pandemic.

Larry Carbary Recorder May 13, 2021

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