Good Financial Stewardship



It requires prayer and soul-searching.  We don't give merely what we have left at the end of the week or month.



Our giving is in proportion to what God had given us.



We give back to God more than just what is left over.  We give out of what we need for ourselves.


Is based in GRATITUDE:

Our giving is a response to the immense love God has already shown for us.


Asks us to place God's priorities before our own


Asks us to give the first portion of our resources to the Lord's work, then to satisfy our own needs.





Parish Financial Reports and Giving Suggestions


Parish Financial Reports

Financial Giving Suggestions

 Electronic Giving-DCECU Credit Card Notice





Blessed Sacrament Parish Endowment Fund


Are you aware that our Parish has an Endowment Fund?  The Blessed Sacrament Parish Endowment Fund is one of many endowments in the Diocese of Saginaw administered by the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan.  These funds are professionally managed in a variety of high quality investments.  Only the earnings from an endowment fund are returned to Parish, which can help cover daily operations and capital improvements.  The principal investment cannot be touched. The earnings, however, can provide a source of Parish funding in perpetuity.


The Blessed Sacrament Parish Endowment Fund is not large and we are looking to grow our Fund to help sustain Blessed Sacrament’s financial future and achieve our mission: “To help everyone recognize and experience the presence of God”.  If you are thinking about how to provide for our Parish long into the future please consider the Blessed Sacrament Parish Endowment Fund in your stewardship planning, whether that be with a current contribution or as part of your estate planning (wills, trusts, donor advised funds, etc.).  If interested, you can call the Parish office at 989-835-6777 or contact the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan at 989-797-6624 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).




Parish Outreach


Blessed Sacrament Parish tithes 10% of it's Sunday collection to local organizations and to provide funds to assist individuals and families with emergency needs. The Christian Service Commission oversees the distribution of the funds. 


We are also involved in The Mission Cooperative Appeal through the Diocesan Mission Office. Click here to learn more about the two missions that we support.





Community Rewards


Blessed Sacrament Parishioners have many ways in which to support the work of the parish.


Through the wider Midland community several businesses offer ways to earn money for the parish. We invite parishioners to participate in these opportunities as they are able.


Click here for a list of programs in which we invite parishioner to participate if they chose.


Thank you for your support.