Meeting held in person and virtually

Attendees:  Fr. Rob Howe, Pat Regier, Pam Gandy, Andy Pasztor, Kathy Fothergill, Kevin Spencer   Reported by:  Fothergill

Opening Comments:  Fr. Rob said he continues to be impressed by the generosity of parishioners who are keeping up with contributions.  This enables us to do some projects (like repairing and restoring pews and floors) that otherwise would have been postponed.

The Task Force established last month is looking at partnerships for the school building.  One of the classrooms will be used as a warehouse for ACT Uganda, but we do not want the entire building to be used as a warehouse.

We have not established any special mandate on masks.  We are following CDC guidelines.

April Financial Results:  Net Assets have increased by $305K since the start of the fiscal year, due to higher revenue from Weekend Collections and the recognition of 100% of our PPP Loan as income (fully forgiven by the SBA earlier this year).  Expenses across most categories are lower vs. last year and vs. this year’s budget.  CMA is now at 98% (within $5K) of our $205,734 target.  Diocesan reminders and our email campaign, which targeted those who contributed in 2019 but not in 2020, have worked.  There has been no official word yet on the timing of the 2021 Diocesan appeal, but we suspect it will start in the fall.

Weekend Collections continue to track ahead of budget in May. This year’s budget was set 30% lower than last year, which included approximately $90K of contributions from school families.  We continue to close the gap in Weekend Collections vs. last year.

2021 – 2022 Budget: Pat presented a proposed budget, using the current FY budget, actual YTD income and expenses, and Diocesan guidelines as the starting point.  There was significant discussion around employee salaries and benefits to ensure that Parish employees are fairly compensated.  Fr. Rob and Patrick expressed confidence that our employees are fairly compensated especially relative to their peer groups within the Diocese. Patrick also discussed how the Parish defines its roles and assign job points that are weighted based on responsibilities. Job points and salary ranges are assigned to each role from the lowest to the highest. Recognizing a pay freeze last fiscal year Patrick and Fr. Rob agree to increase the merit from 3% to 4% in the budget. In addition review employee pay and wage rates relative to their respective job level and pay range and then make additional budget adjustments especially for higher performers. The Council also expressed strong support for increasing our Christian Service tithe to 10% of Weekend Collections, up from the current level of 8%.

Facilities Update:  Church roof replacement and purchase of livestream camera equipment were completed in 2020.  We received a donation that helped fund the camera equipment.  Concrete repair and replacement (Parish west entrance, church sidewalk, kitchen step) was completed in May 2021, cost $30,000.  Parking lot crack fill, also completed in May 2021, cost $14,000.  Work in process includes replacement of green pavers (cross symbol and church entrance), scheduled for Fall 2021.  The project to repair and restore pews was initiated in February 2021. We have requested approval from the Diocesan Building Commission and Bishop Gruss, which could be received in June 2021.  If approved, the project would start in January 2022 (estimated) and take eight weeks to complete.

Roundtable:  This will be the last meeting of the Council until Fall.  There may be a joint meeting with the Pastoral Council in June or late Summer.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.


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