Attendees:  Fr. Rob Howe, Pat Regier, Judy Gross, Andy Pasztor, Pam Gandy, Joe Dostal, Dennis Theil, Kathy Fothergill

Reported by:  Fothergill                                                     

Opening Comments:

Fr. Rob reported that the income level has been good, with the exception of Christ Mission Appeal (shortfall vs. Diocesan funding target).  There are several changes to our staff.  Lyn Pajk will be retiring in June.  Christy Granda will lead Adult Faith Formation effective August 1. Mike Percha is retiring, and we plan to hire a part-time Maintenance employee.  Starting in June, the Arnold Center will take over the cleaning of the church.

Financial Results as of April 30, 2023: 

Net Assets increased by $632K for the current fiscal year which began July 1, 2022.  The increase was due to a $333K payment from the Federal COVID relief program, $187K donation from the Glenn Waters Estate, and higher Weekend Collections. YTD Weekend Collections were $150K higher than budget, including $25K above budget in April. Total Expenses in April were higher than budget by $14K, largely due to the purchase of audio equipment for the Social Hall which is expected to be installed in August.  Student-related expenses for Faith Formation were higher as a result of retreat fees for a Youth conference in Indiana.

Christian Service balance decreased by $145K, with $125K in funding grant payments made to 50 different organizations.  Emergency assistance claims were higher than expected in April but aligned with YTD expectations.

Major Expenditures Fund increased due to the $187K estate donation.  Expenditures included church carpet installation and repairs to the church air handler.  Long-term projects may include the roof of the parish center and the former school building and the heating system in the former school area.

Through April, donations to Christ Mission Appeal are at 80% of our $250K target.  A new assessment from the diocese will begin in the Fall.

Weekend Collections are tracking ahead of the budget through April, and this trend has continued into May.

Budget for 2023-2024: 

We will use the current year’s budget as the basis for planning the upcoming fiscal year budget. 

  • Weekend Collections – increase by $75K vs. Current Budget; lower than Current FY Estimate
  • Other Income – reduce by $11K, due to lower student activity fees
  • Salaries – Merit and COLA increase of 6%, partially offset by retirements; will follow Diocesan  guidelines for Clergy
  • Medical Benefits – increase 4% (Michigan Catholic Conference guideline)
  • Non-Medical including Dental – small change from current year
  • Higher utilizes $4K
  • A payment of $45K for Christ Mission Appeal will be included in Budget to cover potential shortfall vs. expected assessment from Diocese

It was noted that Utilities may have a higher increase than initially forecast.  The Budget proposal was unanimously accepted by the Council members.

Facilities Update:

Joe Dostal looked at the heating system last Fall, and recommended the installment of shutoff valves. Now is the time to implement that recommendation. An estimate will be provided by a local heating and cooling provider.

Parish Playground:

Fr. Rob and Patrick presented a proposal to partner with the City of Midland to fully replace the playground. The existing playground is reaching the end of its asset life. The parish would partner with the City and deed the existing property to them as well as fund the new equipment up to $200,000. The City would share the new playground design with us and install an ADA-compliant playground on the current site. It will then become part of the City Park & Recreation property. All future maintenance and liability will be the City’s responsibility. Council approved the proposal. The next step is to review with City Park & Rec Committee (June 6) and then seek approval from the City of Midland Council.


The next meeting will be held jointly with Pastoral Council on June 7, 2023, at 6:30 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.