Laidback Book Club

Wake Up With Purpose

By Sister Jean with Seth Davis

Our next Laidback Book Club begins January 15th. We will be reading Wake Up With Purpose- What I’ve Learned in My First Hundred Years by Sister Jean with Seth Davis.  Please purchase a paper or digital copy, join us on Facebook, or read along with us, and then join in for a community discussion on Thursday, March 7th at 7:00 in the parish library. Contact Christy Granda for more information about how to join the group.

Known to millions as simply “Sister Jean,” the Loyola Chicago matriarch and college basketball icon invites you into her remarkable memoir filled with history, wonder, and common-sense wisdom for this century and beyond.  A description of the book online states Wake Up with Purpose! is the narrative of Sister Jean’s fascinating life–from teaching at a Catholic school during the Second World War to serving on a Chicago college campus in the sixties and beyond to cheering from the sidelines of a men’s basketball tournament in March 2018. 

This should be an excellent read to fast break into March Madness.