For Your Information

We have been VERY successful donating school equipment & supplies. We are almost cleaned out of everything! We gave most of our equipment and supplies to neighboring Catholic Schools including St. Brigid’s (25 desks & chairs; 10 computers; various school supplies); Auburn Catholic (8 computers complete with monitors; 13 desks & chairs); Sacred Heart Catholic ( 63 desks; large ceiling fans; document cameras). In addition, we donated large tables and 50 chairs to St. Mary’s Cathedral for their children’s FF groups. Also preschool toys, supplies and books to Chippewa and Sanford Preschool and daycare programs. ESA will take all our library books and re-distribute to MPS schools (both St. B’s and Auburn did not want them).

Lastly, Windover High School off M20 who experienced significant flood damage in May took:

  • 6 teacher desks
  • 4 file cabinets
  • 3 kidney shaped tables
  • All but 1 of our smart carts
  • 1 document camera
  • 1 stand
  • All of the classroom shelving that is removable
  • All of the student dry erase boards
  • All of our student rulers
  • All of our student scissors
  • All of our filler paper
  • 1 Art easel
  • Science  & Art supplies


We extend a special congratulations to all the students who received their first Eucharist and were confirmed over the summer! Please join us in continuing to pray for these students!

Volunteer Opportunity

Because we can’t gather in groups for any of our faith formation programs due to Covid 19 restrictions, we are doing things a little differently this year. At least through December, the faith formation team will be sending easy and engaging lessons out to families via Flocknote and through home delivery of activity packets.  We are currently looking for volunteers to help fill and deliver the 400 activity packets. Anyone interested can contact the faith formation office at 835-6777 or by emailing


Crop Hunger Walk October 4

Coping with Divorce … There is no need to go through it alone.

Coping with Divorce There is no need to go through it alone.

Any adult experiencing the pain of divorce is invited to join us for this 8 week Divorce Group Recovery Process.  All of our group discussion leaders and presenters have experienced divorce and lead with warmth and understanding. Many people have found help, hope and healing through this process.

These two-hour, weekly meetings begin September 15 at the Blessed Sacrament Parish Center at 7:00pm. Please call 835-6777 to register. There is no fee to participate.


Men’s Morning of Reflection

Men’s Morning of Reflection

Blessed Sacrament Parish
October 17, 2020

Guest Speaker

Fr. Patrick Jankowiak presenting “The Face of God in a Suffering World”

Note: The event will take place in a safe environment or virtual to be determined closer to the date.

Register online below or by calling the Parish Center at (989) 835-6777.

COVID-19 Updates

Updated: September 8, 8:00am
Dear Blessed Sacrament Parish Community,
Our church is open for public Masses and the Parish Center will be open beginning September 8. We are still in the midst of a pandemic, so Mass and programming will look and feel different than the last time we gathered in March. Below you will find the guidelines for Mass and programs at Blessed Sacrament.

Information Regarding Mass

Mass Times

  • Saturday at 4:00pm
  • Sunday at 10:00am (outdoors weather permitting, see information below)


  • Certain sections and pews will be roped off
  • Each person/family should maintain 6ft of social distance between the next person or household in the pews and at all times while in the building and on the grounds
  • Please follow the instructions of the ushers for seating and recognize you may not be seated where you usually sit

To Combat the Spread of COVID-19

  • Everyone is required to wear a face mask while in the church
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance, please use it to sanitize your hands before coming in
  • There will be no worship aids or hymnals, you are asked to sing softly or hum along
  • The font will remain drained
  • Pews and surfaces will be sanitized between Masses
  • Communion will be distributed at the end of Mass and you will leave the church immediately after you receive

Outdoor Mass

You may bring a chair or remain in your car. There will be a specific section for chairs. If you bring your own chair, please park near the playground, so those remaining in their cars can be closer to the altar.

Other notes

  • The obligation to attend Mass remains lifted through the end of September
  • The max capacity per Mass will be 125 people
  • Doors will open 30 minutes before Mass begins
  • The chapel will be roped off and votive candles will not be available at this time
  • The church building will remain closed in order to ensure clean and sanitized surfaces for Mass
  • Bulletins will continue to be available electronically only
  • Evening Prayer and Rosary will take place outdoors as long as weather permits
    • Evening Prayer – 7:00pm on Wednesday at the main entrance of the church
    • Rosary – 8:30am on Saturdays at the statue of Mary

Information Regarding the Parish Center


  • 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday, Thursday and Friday
  • 8:00 am to 9:00 pm Tuesday & Wednesday
  • The building will only be open on Saturday and Sunday if there is a scheduled event


  • Even though we are “open for business,” all exterior doors will remain locked as well as office entrance doors
  • Meetings in the Parish Center and School Building are allowed, but they must adhere to the State Covid 19 rules for gathering indoors. Currently, that means a limit of 10 people per gathering with masks and appropriate social distancing.
  • We are also implementing participant sign in and hand sanitizing protocols. Upon entering either building participants will need to sanitize their hands and fill out a sign-in sheet for that meeting. Meeting sheets will be maintained to be used in tracing efforts in the event of a possible COVID-19 exposure.
Each group is making accommodations for virtual participation. We will continue to record Mass and make it available on our YouTube page. If you are at risk, immunocompromised, or feeling unwell in any capacity, please stay home. By stopping the spread of COVID-19, we will be able to worship together as a whole community sooner.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Daily Readings Resources

Prayer Resources

Resources for Families and Kids

More Resources

As a reminder, the church will remain closed to ensure that facilities stay clean in the case of a funeral. The Parish Center remains closed as well.

If you would like to continue to contribute your weekly offering to Blessed Sacrament, we have several options:

  • You can give online.
  • Donate via Facebook
  • Mobile Giving App available on Android or Apple
  • Mail your contribution to Blessed Sacrament, 3109 Swede Ave, Midland, MI 48642

Thank you for your understanding.

In Christ,

Blessed Sacrament Staff


Update Contact Information for Faith Formation


July 5—

Back  in  February,  before  there  was  Covid  19,  and  floods,  and  race  riots,  the Faith  Formation  Team  had  settled  on  the  theme, LOVE  WORKS for  the 2020/2021  catechetical  year.  Who  would  have  known  how  appropriate  that theme  would  be?! During  this  time  when  EVERYTHING  is  different,  it  has become  abundantly clear  that LOVE still WORKS, even  when  nothing  else seems to:

  • When we  wear  masks  in  public spaces  to  protect  the  lives  of  the vulnerable, LOVE WORKS.
  • When we  carry  the  flooded  lives  of  friends  and  strangers  to  the  curb, LOVE WORKS.
  • When we  wash  laundry  and  cook meals  for  people  without  appliances  or power, LOVE WORKS.
  • When we march in a Black Lives Matter demonstration, LOVE WORKS.
  • When we  examine  our  hearts  and  attitudes  for  traces   of  bias  and prejudice, LOVE WORKS.
  • When we pray for justice and healing, LOVE WORKS.

We aren’t certain what parish programming will look like when September rolls around because we can’t be certain that the old ways of doing things will be safe  and  appropriate.  But  maybe  that’s  OK.  Maybe  it’s  time  to  once  again examine who we want to be as Blessed Sacrament Parish and how we get there over  the  next  few  years.    As  of  now  we  have  all  of  our  favorite  traditional programs   on   the   calendar   and   we   are   looking   at   adding   some   new opportunities  as  well:  “Financial  Peace”  A  program  to  help  with  money matters, “Cherish”: a marriage enrichment opportunity, “Love Does”: a study of what it would look like to boldly show love and grace to everyone.

July 12—

Another way that LOVE WORKS in our parish is when we are welcoming and inclusive. Sometimes this requires us to step out of our comfort zone. Sometimes it requires us to learn something new or to examine the unconscious biases that we have.

July 19—

In keeping with our theme, LOVE WORKS, I would like to continue talking about how LOVE WORKS in a parish. With everything happening in our world and community these days, it has been easy to showcase LOVE at WORK and invite you into that experience. So far we have highlighted 2 ways.


  • We serve others and share the stories
  • We are welcoming and inclusive.

This week I would like to focus on a third way that LOVE WORKS in a parish and that is by celebrating Mass together EVERY Sunday unless we are sick or out of town. I saw this love at work on July 5 when we had Mass outdoors. People were so incredibly happy just to be together and catch up with each other face to face though of course it was “mask to mask.” I had the honor of being a Eucharistic Minister and people literally had tears in their eyes when they received. Some folks hadn’t had the opportunity to receive the Eucharist in 4 months and to see how moved they were brought me to tears. So many people said “thank you” after saying “Amen.” It truly felt like Thanksgiving dinner!!! After all, Eucharist means, “thanksgiving”. And if we approach every Sunday as an opportunity to gather with the family of faith that we love around the Thanksgiving table, where we also welcome the stranger and include the marginalized, think about the joy we will receive and be able to share in the world. We are filled with the love of Christ to be the love of Christ. That’s how LOVE WORKS when we gather each Sunday for Mass.

July 26—

In keeping with our theme, LOVE WORKS, let’s continue talking about how LOVE WORKS  in  a  parish.  With  everything  happening  in  our  world  and community these days, it has been easy to showcase LOVE at WORK and invite you into that experience. So far we have highlighted 3 ways.


  • We serve others and share the stories
  • We are welcoming and inclusive
  • When we celebrate Mass together every week

The  fourth  way  that  LOVE WORKS  in  a  parish  is  when  we  embrace  new opportunities  to  grow  in  our  faith  and  relationship  with  Jesus  Christ  and  to talk about  those  experiences  with  others.  From  3  year  olds  to  103  year  olds there    are    opportunities    for    everyone    at    Blessed    Sacrament.    These opportunities vary in length and content. They could be occasional like a Men’s Morning  of  Reflection  or  Theology  by  the  Glass.  They  might  look like  a Scripture Study that lasts for 6 weeks or an on-line book club where you read and chime in when you have time. And just maybe it’s a small group where the relationships  built  last  a  life  time.  Check  out  our  offerings  for  youth  and adults  on  our  website  and  in  the  bulletin.  Jesus  wants  to  be  in  a  personal relationship with each and every one of us. How might Jesus be calling you to grow in your faith in him and your love for him?

August 2—

keeping with our theme, LOVE WORKS, let’s continue talking about how LOVE WORKS in a parish. With everything happening in our world and community these days, it has been easy to showcase LOVE at WORK and invite you into that experience. So far we have highlighted 4 ways.


  • We serve others and share the stories
  • We are welcoming and inclusive
  • We celebrate Mass together every week
  • We grow in our faith and relationship with Jesus Christ and share our faith with others

The final way we want to look at how LOVE WORKS in a parish is when we support the mission of Jesus Christ through the generosity of our time, talent, and treasure. When we spend time in prayer or participate in liturgical ministries (hospitality, lector, homebound…) or lead a small group or become a catechist or give of our financial resources, we are living out our special role in building the Kingdom of God right here, right now. We are so grateful to the members of our Blessed Sacrament community who have continuously supported the work of Jesus Christ with their generosity. A heart felt “thank you” to each of you.

For the past several weeks we have looked at our theme LOVE WORKS in relation to how love works in a parish setting. Here is the list we came up:


  • We celebrate Mass together every week
  • We are welcoming and inclusive
  • We serve others and share the stories
  • We grow in our faith and relationship with Jesus Christ and share our faith with others
  • We are generous with our time, talent, and treasure to help in building the Kingdom of God?

We want to hear from YOU! We want to know how you think LOVE WORKS in a parish. How can our parish family help to support the mission of Jesus Christ in our little corner of God’s vineyard and in the world?  How can we be more inviting and inclusive? How can we better support one another on our faith journeys? How would YOU like to see LOVE WORKING at Blessed Sacrament Parish?

Share your thoughts now!

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