Sacramental Preparation for Children


We are going to make an effort to make things as normal as possible when it comes to the sacraments this year.  With that being said, as you’ve certainly experienced in recent months, we can’t guarantee that things will go as planned.   

Baptized children can receive the sacraments at age 7 (“the age of reason”), usually in their second grade year.  However, if your family wants to wait until the next school year with the hope that our world is back to something more normal, that is certainly a fine option.   

To prepare for the sacraments, a child must: 

  • Be Baptized Catholic or other recognized denomination (a list of recognized denominations is available in the Parish Office). 
  • Be a member of the parish at which he or she will be receiving the sacraments. 
  • Be at least seven years old at the time of reception of the sacraments. 

Confirmation:  The Bishop has already announced that Confirmation will not be offered this school year.   

Eucharist:  At this time, we are planning to offer First Eucharist in the spring as usual, with preparation beginning in late February/early March and Mass in May.  However, we are planning our calendar on a month-to-month basis as we react to the changing world.  We will announce dates and plans as soon as we can.


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