Blessed Sacrament Synod Information

Blessed Sacrament Synod Report

We are grateful for everyone who took the time to participate in our synod conversations in March 2022. Below, you will find the parish summary report for the parish and the document that sent to the diocese and the General Secretariat for Synod of Bishops. It is our hope that these documents will provide insight into our parish, but also the relationship that our parishioners have with the wider church.

If you have questions, please contact Kristyn Russell.

Click on the images below to read the reports.

Parish Report Summary Bulletin Insert

synod at a glance document

Parish Report for Blessed Sacrament

parish report

Parish Report for Diocese and Vatican

diocesan report

Quotes from the Synod

It is nice to have the opportunity to share knowing that Rome is listening and wants our thoughts. ~ Age 26

One thing I like about this church is how we have such a good program for younger people in the Church because eventually the younger people will become the people running the Church. ~ Age 14

My dream Church would be inclusive to all types of people, no matter their background. ~ Age 12

We need to improve the role of women in the Church. ~ Age 73

I never thought I’d have the opportunity to openly question “the Church.” I hope the Church can be open to new ideas, concepts, and needs. ~ Age 92

My dream is to have more opportunities for women to hold leadership roles [in the Church]. ~ Age 85

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